Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Felted/Fulled Potholders

Yes, out because of having three skeins of Elann Peruvian wool in colors I didn't care too much for (the deep peach was too orangey for my liking)-2 skeins of the Pumpkin and one skein of the Periwinkle, I decided, since I liked Andrea's Felted Potholder she made me so much, I would whip up a few since my machine felts and I wanted a mindless thing and to get this out of my stash (yes, long ass sentence here). Of course, this was before KYS at Rav, but in any event-I made em about a month ago and fulled them yesterday.



I forgot to take a pic of the octagon one, but it's small enough now for a pot lid type thing (5" in diameter).

The others shrunk down considerably, as expected. I put them through twice. The one with just the blue on the border was 11" to start and shrunk to 7 3/4". The peach one with the stripe started at 10 3/4" and went down to 6 1/2" and the other one shown started out at 9 1/4 and isnow 6 1/4".

First time trying the wool-doesn't felt as nicely as the Shakespeare did, but was way cheaper than the Shakespeare, so you get what you pay for. K hook and dc on all, but the octagon was a sc continuous spiral.

I will say the wool works great as a hot pad/potholder.

Still working on the capelet from my last post and have printed out three patterns (yeah, thanks Tiff). One is the Origami Sock Pattern(scroll down)-I am intrigued. Don't know when I will start them, but printing out the pattern might motivate me. Also, Giovanna's Cardi at LB. Usually, I don't look too much at LB patterns-some errors or miswordings and it annoys me. However, this already has the correction and has 5 great reviews. I have some Ella Rae Amity I bought last year (almost to the day) in Purple (I think), but it's lighter than shown. which should be perfect for Elena. Of course while on the LB site, I found a Beret done in the round (no join line-yay) done in Cotton Ease. No, it's not that huge textured thing (if you designed it, I am sorry, it's just so "not me"), it's the Le Chic and since I have a leftover skein or two of CE, I shall try it.

Ele also sent me a pattern to try out(this one sold, I am sure she'll relist the pattern) and it uses Vanna's Choice, which I happen to have a single skein of in a color Elena picked out-so I will give this a whirl for Elena.

All for today.....maybe more tomorrow :)


Tiffany said...

Your welcome. :)

I love that beret and hat pattern so you got me back. ;) I've got a lot of crocheting to do this fall, I think!

Mimi said...

Cute potholders, very good job on felting! I love the colors too.

Kari said...

Love them, they turned out great!

Slick said...

I wouldnt want to use them and mess them up!

Besides, I'm allergic to pots and pans

ladylinoleum said...

The PHs look fantabulous!

April said...

Cute potholders. Do you swear on your life :) that they work well? I'm dying to make some but I'm so worried they won't be thick enough and I'll burn myself. I always burn myself! My double thickness cotton ones are awesome...but I've been afraid to try single strand and felted.

I made a handful of sqaure hats for some artist friends of mine about a year before I started my blog. I adore them. Can't wait to see how Ele's work's up, and I'd love to buy it if there is an adult version. Haven't checked her inventory yet to find out.

Cute patterns. The socks are very interesting. I've always wondered how socks constructed like that turn out. The beret is so cute, and so is the cardi. I agree with you on the Lion patterns. I've done a few but only after checking for errors and reading the reviews.

OH and by the way...you jinxed me! lol. I had posted about the Vogue on the Go hat book I had been using lately, and the few I had made were all awesome. Then I decide to make this mesh earflap hat, and wouldn't you know I get to the third or fourth round and it just completely made no sense whatsoever. Haven't checked Ravelry yet to see if there's an errata but I hope there is, because the hat is so adorable and I just cannot figure out what to do next. I don't ever make mesh hats, so increasing while doing the mesh is beyond my grasp in terms of winging a bad pattern. Frustrating!

Have a great weekend.

Deneen said...

April, I didn't jinx you-it's bound to happen-errata-a curse word round here.

Pick a pot holder out and I'll send you one to try out and yes, I swear on my life :)

Kenyetta said...

Nice potholders! I think I should make some to use up all my wool scraps.

noricum said...

Great potholders!

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