Saturday, August 30, 2008

Apparently, Someone is Telling Me Something

I have to make a few baby gifts-have to and have put it off and put it off. The capelet I was testing, hated the yarn-was 3/4 of the way through it and cursed the yarn through the entire project and decided to count-yup, when I joined the second skein, I was off by a few stitches and it wasn't even-I knew the yarn sucked! (I am blaming the yarn and that's that)-so I decided to use the yarn I wanted to, but needed a break for a few days. Hence, the Ex Bag. I bought the yarn, the yarn it said to buy, did a KYS for the beads-made the bag. Found a few errors, no biggies. Should have known when it said "bags shown are the knit version". Ran out of freaking yarn for the damn dreads. Can't find the yarn color anywhere and since I have to hand felt the dreads, want singles. At least the hair color was mix of browns so any brown will do, but can't find the single/unspun in brown and not in the Fjord. Lopi Lite will do in a pinch and this is a damn pinch-so the bag is done, just need to felt it and get the yarn for the dreads and it annoys me. I had a feeling when doing the strap "how the hell is this gonna be enough yarn?", but I went with it. Apparently, my feeling was right on the money. Guess the yarn amounts were for a knitted bag. Now the bag is giving me bad vibes, but it's almost done and it's sitting there in a plastic bag waiting and hoping the two people I PM'd on Rav will sell a single skein of Lopi-aaargh. If I didn't have to hand felt the dreads....I checked through all my roving, nothing dark brown.

This means one thing....I HAVE TO START THE BABY STUFF. There is a reason everything is not working out-I have procrastinated long enough. You know what, the damn Spindolyn and wheel are coming down too-in the next month-after digging through the fiber for brown unspun-I have roving out the wazoo.

So baby items, I picked up the last of the yarn I needed (see, even before I ran outta yarn for the Ex bag, I bought baby yarn-I knew). Okay, rant over


Yasmin said...

I hope you get it. I know how bugging it is when you just need a little bit to finish off and have to wait ages for it!
Please check out my blog - I have a little surprise for you.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday! For your birthday, I decided to get sunburn and pass a kidney stone, LOL! It is all good. I hope you had a good one. :)

Deneen said...

Ah Wendy, you passed a stone for moi? Would you pass the five I have for me too? LOL

Thanks for the well wishes. Good day.

Andy's Crafts said...

Happy Birthday Sunshine! Life is always full of surprises and then there is more yarn!

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