Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer Fun

Last night, we went to Lakewood to see the Lakewood Blue Claws (minor league team for the Philadelphia Phillies) play. Mike deals with a company who has a luxury suite at Wachovia Energy Park(gorgeous new park). It was "Bruce Springsteen night" (we all know Bruce Springsteen and baseball are synonymous with each other ;)-NOT, but he is from New Jersey and so they played his songs all night (which, of course made me realize how damn old I have gotten since all the songs were from my high school years)and it was also fireworks night.

The Blue Claws lost (they aren't very good), but we had great food and fun. I took some pics to share:

My new "fav" pic of Mike and Elena:

And, of course, what baseball game would be complete without getting a Henna tattoo? This is Elena's choice, the paste is still on in the pic, it's come off now, orange and will turn brown by tonight. She can't get it wet for 24 hours and I have to use vaseline on it to keep it dry and it should last 2-4 weeks. Now, I assume the pool will have it worn off in a week, but Elena will insist I cover it up (I know this kid). She also wanted her full name down her leg, etc.

And finally, the fireworks:

As usual, all pics are clickable.

Shockingly, I actually have 4, yes 4, WIP's laying around-a rarity for me. The Eco-Warrior Bag (rav link) and regular link here. I'm using Moda Dea Ticker Tape for the bag and made it twice as big because there wasn't gauge listed and honestly, I know it stretches, but mine was no where near as big at the bag shown and I made the handles longer. I should have gone up a hook size, but it'll be cool for the beach and such. With the leftover Ticker Tape, I'm winging a water bottle holder for Elena (stashbusting again), the tank top is still staring at me, so technically, it's hibernating. I also started another cotton baby cloth-no biggie's on the hook, but fast stuff.


Mimi said...

Love that father-daughter pic!

Alexis said...

Minor league ball games are so much fun. :)

April said...

Tell Elena I said nice hat. ;)

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