Thursday, July 31, 2008

Say It Ain't So.......

Oh Manny, sigh.....I know he hasn't been happy, he said some harsh things, but sheesh.

Jason Bay is a pretty good player and is a lot younger than Manny and he'll probably appreciate playing for the Red Sox versus playing for the Pirates and won't be a whiner. My HH, a long time, lifetime BoSox fan says "it was a long time coming and a good trade".

Elena is pretty disappointed. I mentioned Big Poppy was still pretty cool, but she said she preferred Manny, much better hitter (although this year, Manny hasn't hit as well as he has before-mommy's opinion) So there you have it, from an 8 1/2 plus year old. And let's face it, Big Poppy loves Boston, doesn't complain AND he signed with Boston for less money than he could have gotten from another team.

This will give Boston a LOT more money to spend for next year and Jason Bay will hit well for the Sox. And remember, there's no DH in in the National League, which means Manny will have to play the spacious outfields in the senior circuit, which isn't necessarily a good thing. The Dodger's might not even renew his contract next year. No sour grapes here ;)

I know someone else who is gonna be pretty darn disappointed.

See, I do have other interests! So HAH!


Stacy said...

lol Glad to know your whole world doesn't revolve around the fibers...

Kari said...

Saw this coming a mile off.
But like you said they will have more money now, not having to pay him.

Megan said...

Omg. I would like to take a swing at Manny with my sewing machine.

And then, tie him to my bed.

April said...

Yes yes...I'll miss his hits but not his fits. What a turd he's been. A great hitter though. I'm confident and excited about Bay, too.

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