Friday, July 25, 2008

Sadness and Coincidence

At the end of the school year, Elena's teacher gave me the book "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch, as a thank you for helping out in the classroom. I admit, it's not the type of book if generally read. I tend to read more for escapism and laughs. Tim Dorsey, Christopher Moore, Janet Evanovich-you get the picture. I had the book on my nightstand for weeks and decided I would read it. There were a few inspiring quotes and thought provoking times while reading it and I completed it last night. As I finished it, I wondered if he had succumbed to his pancreatic cancer and then sadly, when I logged on to the computer this afternoon, I saw in the "Headlines" he passed away this morning at age 47. I just found it so odd that I completed the book last night and he passed early this morning. In his book, he was so full of life, even knowing he only had a short time to live and "The Last Lecture" was his legacy to his very young children. My thoughts go out to his family.


Wendy said...

That is sad. I have watched his Last Lecure on Youtube. He is very inspirational. The one thing he said that I will always take with me is that brick walls aren't put up for you to change course. Brick walls are put up to challenge those who really, really want it. (I paraphrased it.)

Karen said...

That is sad to hear of his death. We watched an interview with him and discussed his book at church. I've been meaning to get the book and now it will be on my short list of must reads. He was a very courageous man.

Kari said...

Sad. I've watched his lecture. Very moving.

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