Thursday, July 17, 2008

Promised Pics

As promised, just late, pics of the latest FO's:

Another Crazy Easy Retro Kerchief made bigger, in Pakucho Sage for me, about 1 1/4 skeins. No pic of me modeling it, be happy I was able to post any pics :).

With the leftover Pakucho, I made an organic baby washcloth (pattern is from the Interweave Crochet-no link, sorry)-pattern is similar to my Perfectly Pretty Facecloth-just thicker yarn, an extra dc in each stitch (sedge stitch variation) and a border and no, I cannot get that foundation/sc thing down, but haven't tried-I saw a tutorial from Josie Hannon Madera I'll watch it cause I wanna make a few of the Doris Chan patterns and it uses that stitch.

I also used the scraps of all the cotton to make face scrubbies for Elena. The Pakucho didn't shrink and washed and dried nicely. (No pics, sorry).

I also finished the felted bag-way felted bag:

It was this pattern, added a flap. When I bought it, it was called the Happy Hipster.

Last, but not least, another Weaved Hot Pad(Rav link)and Kimberly's blog link to the pattern. And yes, I finally figured out how to weave it. The trick is to do it while talking to two people at the same time and occasionally glancing at the directions and realizing that it says "turn counter-clockwise" and then actually doing it.

I am still slowly working on the tank top. As in the previous post, I realized while mindlessly crocheting (which is how it's been done lately)that my count was off, so I figured I would try another hook brand/size and finally got gauge, but that meant frogging it and starting over. Once the bust part is done, the rest should be easy.


April said...

I love the purse! Great colors. On a totally random note, I also love your rug.

Cindy said...

The weaved hot pad looks super cute.

Mimi said...

Those are all cute! I love the stitches on the kerchief and the facecloth. The yarn looks really good too.

Laura said...

Very nice projects, especially the weaved hot pad!

I went to the link for that tank top - that's really cute! I'll have to give it a try sometime...

I finished my tank top I made from altering the Lion Brand tunic pattern - I have pictures on my blog.

Vik said...

I like everything, Deneen!
I´ll have to try Kimberly´s hotpads too. I like the mix you did using a solid color and a multicolored yarn. Very nice.

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