Monday, July 21, 2008


I cannot crochet a wearable lately to save my life. I should have used the TLC Cotton Plus like I first wanted to, but decided to use some J & P Quick Crochet I had-I hate the yarn. I had to go down a hook size for gauge and the edges curled. The strap placement was awful once I tried it on. I frogged the straps and I am trying to play around with it, but I am frustrated. It's not a bad pattern, written well, but my sizing is an issue. I am in between the S and M and it annoys me. I am playing around with it, but if I can't come up with a solution by this afternoon-the frog pond. I have several baby items to make and should really work on the ghan for my brother and his fiance (yes, fiance now!), but me, ugh-no motivation at all. I really should do some destashing-seriously. I have yarn here I doubt I will ever use, yet I know once it's gone, something will come up, but I can't stand all the yarn bagged up and in totes everywhere. Yes, it's all annoying me.

Elena is on a potholder loom kick lately. "Santa" bought her a regular loom and I should sit down and figure it out for her. Plus I bought myself a small Harrisville Lap Loom (okay, "Santa" bought the Elena's loom for me-it's all wood and nice, but then I found a Harrisville on ebay for less than half the price of The Woolery and bought it for myself). I also have a few of the Weavettes and honestly, should play with those and the drop spindles and stuff and put the hooks away for a bit.

Maybe I am just bored a little with it all.

Elena, Mike and I did the "Peace Pilgrim" walk this Saturday. I had never heard of her, yet she was born and raised in the small town next to ours, the same town my mother was born and raised in. Interesting lady and interesting story. We missed being in the group picture because Elena and I were there on time, but Mike ran late and I waited for him. Of course, Elena says it's all my fault she never made the picture, but then again, it's always my fault :). Someone from LA was there filming a documentary on it, so she should be on film somewhere. The town has decided to do this yearly, which is pretty cool. Elena was into it and, although we all received our "Peace Pilgrim" t-shirts, she insisted on wearing tie-dye and peace symbol tank for the walk.

Not much else going on-swimming, reading, hanging out, basic summer stuff. Hard to believe summer is half over and school starts in September, which is around the corner. I like hanging with Elena and miss when she goes back to school. Better sign off now, pool needs a vac and stuff is in the washer.


Ladyrunner said...

Maybe you're in a little bit of a rut. Hopefully playing with the looms and spindles will do the trick.

I'm glad to hear things are going well since you've been off the meds. That's great news!

Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

Wendy said...

Glad you are off the meds! Maybe this would be a good time to try knitting or spinning?

I can't believe summer is almost over, either. Madeleine starts school Aug. 4 and Sierra Aug. 18th.

I have been trying to get a job in the nearby school districts.

Mimi said...

Maybe you'll find the right yarn for that tank top and get back into the groove ;)
Summer goes by so fast...I can't believe the 'ber months are near.

Hootie Mac said...

I am saddened to report that my dishcloth did not survive the washing machine intact.

It is now sporting a few tears here and there.

School start here in 1 month!

Laura said...

Don't feel bad - I get in crocheting slumps sometimes too.

Wow, your daughter goes back to school late! Mine start back August 21st. It stinks that summer is nearly over, because I feel like the kids and I have hardly had a chance to do anything fun, what with my husband's work/school schedule, lack of funds, etc.

I hope the medications work out for you. My daughter has been on regular medications for the past 5 years for her asthma and allergies, and my son for the past year, and I feel bad for them. They get tired of having to take all thos medications every night. I don't see the allergies going away, but I'm hoping they'll at least outgrow the asthma when they get older.

Good luck with finding something that works for you with the medications.

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