Sunday, July 06, 2008

FO and Early B'day Present

I know, long time no blog......we were away for a few days, Southern Delaware, at my brother's new little vacation house on the bay in Delaware. Anyway, the weather didn't really cooperate, but hey I did read two books and sleep a bit and even, did a little *shudder* shopping.

Anyway, I didn't bring crochet or anything, but finally finished up this string grocery bag I had been working on forever. My own fault. I made it bigger, I changed the handles, I used sportsweight cotton and a small hook, I frogged and redid the handles 3 times, you get my drift. I like the pattern and will make it again, using worsted cotton and a bigger hook. I admit, it holds a lot,tons in fact, about 5 lbs of cotton yarn without any problem.

Pattern used: Gilly's Small String Bag (Rav link) and regular link

Yarn used: Omega Sinfonia-about 1 3/4 skeins of the fuchsia and about 1/3 skein or less of the Kiwi for the inside pocket and trim.

Hook-Size G

Note: Written in UK terms, but it's easy.

I added a few more of the ch 7 rows and a few more of the ch 5 rows and made the straps shoulder straps making it ch 100 for each instead of ch 25.

I also had a time with what I thought was the RS and what was the RS, but it's a grocery bag, so I finally let it go. I love the little pocket that is worked into the bag-perfect for your credit/debit card, cash or license.

Also, my brother had bought me my b'day present ages ago and he gave it to me this weekend. I asked him to MAKE me one and included the directions, but did he listen? No, he bought me one and also the WPI tool, so I guess I better get to some spinning eh? Nothing is left to buy for it and no more excuses!

But before I spin, I wanna make the bigger version of the Crazy Easy Retro Kerchief in some Pakucho Forest I bought off a Raveler. I have been buying more Pakucho, but can't find any in the Cafe any longer.

Hope everyone had a terrific holiday!


Slick said...

Well, I like the grocery back....

I wish trish had some stockings made like that.

You'll be the envy of the grocery store! ;)

Laura said...

Very pretty bag!

Lucky you to get yarn-related stuff for your birthday! : )

Andy's Crafts said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Kimberly said...

Love the bag, and what a great birthday present!

Jaye said...

Nice pre-birthday gifts, gotta love those ;)

Not to be an enabler or anything but the Pakucho, if you're looking for it in the brown cafe, can be found at LOL!

But seriously, don't buy it, just move onto the spinning, trust me. You have all the tools you think you need even if you really don't need them, but just try it out. You'll grow to love it in no time and who knows, maybe Elena might, too!

April said...

Hey, happy birthday! Great loot, can't wait to see you finally start spinning. How exciting!

I love the market bag. I'll have to check out the pattern, because I really love the built in pocket. Genius! Great colors, too.

Crochet Goddess said...

I really love the string Grocery Bag. great Color.

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