Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New Skip Stitch Website

Remember this post about the Skip Stitch Blade and then this post about what I used my skip stitch blade to do (the recycled jeans), although I believe the blade was originally designed to be used for edgings on Project Linus blankets.

Well, they finally (and yay for them) set up their own website! They have a message boards, instructions and lots of info. Congrats Joyce!


The Other Deneen said...

I like what you did with the jeans-way cool.

I finished my first official crochet project. I made a dishcloth. And, I am using it. Go me.

Laura said...

Those jeans came out really cute! I have the same problem with my son - he's growing so much height-wise, but not weight-wise, and he has so many pairs of jeans that still fit through the waist, but that are "floods" on him. I need to learn how to sew (and acquire a sewing machine!) so I can turn them into shorts.

I see your daughter has her own opinions about clothes, just like mine. I took mine to the Children's Place the other day, an she rejected anything pink (she informed me a few weeks ago that she doesn't want to hurt my feelings, but that she really doesn't like pink much anymore - pink is my all-time favorite color), and anything with "frills" - yep, she said frills. She said who would like stuff with frills anyway, LOL!

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