Friday, April 25, 2008

Pattern Errata-Over the Shoulder Water Bottle Holder

Eeeek-the first pattern I ever posted that I didn't have tested and I found the error myself (thank goodness I decided to make another one for Elena's Brownie Camping trip next weekend). The error was a typo-sheesh and the item will still turn out, just won't fit as snuggly, hence making the weight of the bottle make it wider-what I didn't like about the other patterns.

The error was in round 3-it SHOULD HAVE READ CH 1, SC IN BACK LOOP OF EACH DC OF PREVIOUS ROUND. I inadvertently put in dc instead of sc, hence making it wider and kinda wonky with the ch 1. Again, it was a typo because the one I made didn't have that and as I was making my second one, I knew immediately it was making it too wide. I fixed the pattern on this site, redid the MS Word version and pdf version for Ravelry. Unfortunately, there were 39 downloads on Ravelry of it before the change and 2 after the change. I posted the errata right on the Ravelry page and also PM'd each of those who queued it-but I know of two who made it already (and must have wondered "mine isn't snug"-sorry guys).

Better proofreading next time-promise. Maybe I need an editor (LOL) who would have asked "Why a ch 1 and then a dc?"-blah.

If anyone who isn't on Ravelry and has problems printing from the site and wants a Word version or PDF version emailed to them, Email Me and I'll get one out to you.

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