Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Crochet "Biffer" aka Swiffer Shrug-Finished

Okay, I accidentally came across this while looking for Crocheted Shrugs on Ravelry, I queued it and then Bron made one and I decided to just "do it". Now, most know how "anal" I can be and how I second guess myself a lot, even when I know it's not right, I doubt myself. I know, easy pattern, just count. Yet sometimes the way I read it and sometimes because the designer doesn't spell it out for me, I think it's me and it's not. I love the pattern and thankfully, Bron called while I was working on it and I could start hammering her with a few questions. I assumed, and you know what that does, since no one mentioned it on Ravelry, I was a total doofus (and still could be) and because I tend to follow everything exactly as it's said and assume everyone writes a pattern out like I do-that is tell you if the ch 2 counts as a stitch or not, etc. Yes, I try to oversimplify things.

First off, it is a terrific pattern, that being said, I made notations because the designer writes her patterns differently than I do. Bron, who tends to be able to tweak anything and does, just told herself in her head how it should be and did it-hence her not commenting on it cause she never thought about it. Here is what I found:

Row 8: ch 2, 2 dc in first hdc, 1 dc in each hdc across until last hdc, 2 dc in last hdc, turn (18 dc)
When I followed this exactly-I didn't have 18 dc and by row 10, the thing fanned out.

How I would have written it is:
Row 8: ch 2 (counts as first dc), dc in first hdc, 1 dc in each hdc across until last hdc, 2 dc in last hdc, turn (18 dc).

How it was written:
Rows 9-30 - ch 2, dc in first dc, alternate fpdc and bpdc across until last dc, 1 dc in last dc, turn

How I would have written it:
Rows 9-30 - ch 2 (counts as first dc), alternate fpdc and bpdc across until last dc, 1 dc in last dc, turn.

Was it written wrong? No-but me and my anal self following it exactly had too many stitches and me hating counting-well. I made notations and want to make them here in case I ever lose the pattern I had the notations written on-can easily find my tweaks.

I'm in the middle of making another one. Bron and her use of the Swiffer Wet Jet versus the dry version (I use the wet thingies on the regular Swiffer, but they always come out of the little things you have to punch the cloths into) decided to buy the Wet Jet and after this last one for the regular Swiffer, will check out the head on the Wet Jet and see of it's the same size, etc and go from there.

I used 100% WW cotton yarn for mine, don't know the exact amount because it was unlabeled balls in the tote. I assume (again,you know what that does) one ball of Sugar N Cream makes one cover. I know ombres and solids have different yardage and I don't have any next to me to check and am too lazy to go upstairs and look. I did see someone made one in acrylic on Ravelry, but that wouldn't work for wet or damp mopping at all. I also noted on Ravelry several mentioned theirs was a little big and stretched-mine was fine, but perhaps they are looser crocheters then I am-plus if you wash or dry in hot water, there will be some shrinkage. Also, maybe others did the extra stitch and didn't count and theirs came out a bit wider, don't know-but it worked out well size wise for me.


Tiffany said...

Mine was too big, but I also crocheted looser than normal because fpdc and bpdc don't agree with me. If I crochet them looser, I can finish the project without cussing the entire way. ;)

I am already starting on ones for presents for Christmas because it has definitely come in handy around my house so far.

Crochet Goddess said...

I hope you don't get this comment twice. I love the color and I love the idea of a swifer.

Laura said...

Very nice! I love the yoga bag, too! My husband and I have almost all hardwood floors in our house, and I love the Swiffer Wet Jet for cleaning them. It's great for quick clean ups. It works great in the bathrooms, too. I've never tried the dusting one.

Deneen said...

Laura, I use the wetcloths on the one shown, but when I read Bron used the Wet Jet and it took one squirt and the cotton absorbed it, I went out and bought the Wet Jet to give it a try. I'll try to get to making one for the Wet Jet and see if there is any difference in size (since it's still sitting in the box). The Wet Jet only came with two cloths, so hopefully these will work out perfectly economically, as well as environmentally too.

noricum said...

Thanks for the notes! The pattern would have had me confused too. I think that normally if the ch2 counts as a stitch, they don't list it twice.

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