Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another Swiffer Shrug

Apparently I was incorrect when I stated I didn't do any crocheting while in Baltimore-on the ride up I started this one, forgot about it until I pulled it out of the bag I had with yarn and stuff, so I finished it last night. It looks slightly (or maybe more than slightly) wonky, but it fits fine. Same pattern as yesterday's post and I did forget to add, instead of slip stitching the sides down, I whipstitch them and make them pretty tight and then reinforce it where the bottom edge attaches, which could account for the snugger fit.

ETA: I did put together the Wet Jet this AM to do the bathroom and then the dining room floor. The head is similar, however has velcro type way that the Wet Jet Pads adhere to the head. The velcro part is on the pads that came with it. I did use the Swiffer pads that came with it and then tried the Swiffer Shrug on it. The nice thing is they do stretch, however I have to wash them and see if they shrink. The difference in size is minimal-but one side of the Wet Jet has a thicker area where a scrubbing thing is (which I will never use) and it is slightly thicker. I may add one additional row of fpdc/bpdc and then add one extra row of hdc on each side before you stitch em up for the Wet Jet. I'll keep you posted.


April said...

They look great! I stopped using the Swiffers because I hated buying the pads for them....maybe I'll end up being a convert.

Vik said...

Due to the inflation we have in my country, those pads are more expensive everytime I go to the supermarket. I need them specially because of Molly´s hair. I agree with April, maybe I´ll end up crocheting them too!

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