Monday, April 28, 2008

Another Bottle Holder

Yup, another-thrilling isn't it? Originally it was for Elena for her camping trip, but I lost track while making the strap and it's too long once it stretches a little. One skein of Peaches N Cream (Fiesta, I think)and the edging done in scrap Cotton Ease.

I do plan on making stuff other than these holders and swiffer shrugs, really I do. I bought an awesome moebius pattern from Ele on etsy. I adore her patterns and they are always perfect. I saw she had the finished moebius in her store and asked about the pattern, so she wrote it up. She wrote it up using Sugar N Cream (she said lots of her buyers prefer chain store yarn), but let me know the changes and tweaks for using a different type of yarn-she is selling one already made using it and it looks stunning. I'd like to try it with GGH Bali which is a cotton/acrylic blend, but much lighter than Cotton Ease (although I may try one with that too). I bought some of the GGH off of ebay, but not in the color I would have preferred. Anyone know of where I can order this on line without paying an arm and a leg? I also bought the Violaine pattern from Chez Plum which I intend to make using TLC Cotton Plus, plus test a pattern for Amy (which I started and hated the yarn and just got the yarn I plan to use Amy-I didn't forget). The spinning is waiting too, some pencil roving ready for dyeing, but I am getting stuff organized and the little stuff is just in between stuff-things are moving along, slowly, but it's all falling into place.

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Mimi said...

Lovely color combination on your latest creation!
I looked at the Etsy site, she's got some great-looking patterns...I love the style of the green mobius!

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