Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mouse Ears

This year, for Grandparents Day (April 4th) Elena will be the Country Mouse in the "City Mouse and the Country Mouse" little play. I decided to make her a little shaw with the icky Jiffy skein I will have left once I finish the shawl (2 more rows peeps), but wanted to make her little mouse ears to wear also. Not a hat mind you, more like a headband with ears-any suggestions? I looked on Ravelry and nada.They have to be tight enough to stand up, but I don't have that "creative, make it up as I go along" bone in my body right now. Help!

ETA: I should have explained-my daughter's school has Grandparent's Day every year. Grandparent's come to their classroom, they have a little play or reading or something and then have lunch with their grandchild. It doesn't have to be grandparent, it can be someone special in their lives.

Thanks Mimi, they'll work, just some minor tweeks!


Vik said...

Can´t wait to see a picture of Elena then! BTW I had no idea that Grandparents Day exist!

Mimi said...

How about the animal headband found here: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=47659

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

You could crochet them, then again, you could buy a head band, some pipe cleaners and some felt and voilĂ ! (that's what I did when selma was lilly and the purple plastic purse for halloween).

April said...

What if you made 2 basic cotton circles, maybe starting with pink, changing to gray or whatever color to finish it off. I think cotton would be nice and sturdy and not too floppy, especially with a small 4 mmm or less hook. Only, when you're working the second color once the body of the ear is large enough, don't crochet all the way around anymore, stop a few stitches short of the begining stitch and turn, so the bottom flattens out. That will make it easier to sew onto a headband. Then just a very basic headband if you're not feeling creative...a half inch or inch wide band that either attaches at the ends to make it round, or does not attach and just has a tie to hold it onto her head. Her hair is curly, but is it also fine like many kids hair is (and unfortunately mine?). My hair never behaves or holds a crocheted headband because it is so fine that the hair accessories just never stay in place. For me, it would not work because of the darn fine hair. If that's the case, I'd super-glue those ears to a store-bought plastic headband with teeth that will grab her hair and keep it in place. I guess it would depend on how heavy those ears are too?

vicki said...

great idea. they turned out cute as well mouse ears hehe, nice job

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