Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finally, A FO-Half Moon Shawl

Yes, just when you thought you would never see another finished object here, voila:

Yup, lousy pic, Elena's fluffy pink slipper in one corner and I apparently didn't lay it out completely evenly either, however, it is a FO and this is mainly a fiber blog, so it is what it is.

I like it well enough, but for some reason the huge hook and yarn annoyed me.

Lion Brand has three patterns out for this pattern-I used the Jiffy yarn and 10 mm hook, but skipped the bobble part (which wasn't on the Cupcake version)but the bobble looked like a huge nipple to me and I skipped that part.

I plan to work on the mouse ears and little shawl for Elena's costume next.


Vik said...

Beautiful shawl! I like it very much, Deneen! And thank you for the links.

vicki said...

beautiful deneen, you did a awesome job as always. very pretty

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