Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and some FO's

Yesterday was really nice. Elena could not sleep on Saturday night, was up and down all night-way too excited. In any event, the Easter Bunny, after having several years of egg hunts at around 6:00 AM outside, in the cold, when it was still dark, decided to hide the eggs in the house. Imagine how surprised he would have been to find out, Elena preferred it inside! Anyway, around 6:00 AM she woke up and just couldn't take it anymore. She told me last night she was happy he came and it was over, she couldn't take much more anticipation. In any event, I made a small Prime Rib, smashed red potatoes, fresh steamed asparagus followed by apple walnut cheesecake. A pretty easy meal on a pretty laid back day.

Ironically, when getting Elena's clothes out for yesterday, I came across this. If you look at the date, exactly one year to the DAY of when it was completed, she finally wore it (I didn't realize it til I looked up the post today myself-kinda freaky, no?). I anticipated she would give me a hard time, but didn't and wore it all day. It probably fit her better this year anyway:

Yup, we're pretty casual around here on holidays. I also have no clue why the pics have been coming out blurry lately. I have to clean the lens better and hope that works out.

As for FO's-as you may or may not recall, I had picked up 8 skeins of Lion Boucle a year or so ago (probably longer) and finally decided to stash bust a little.

I made a bag, which isn't lined yet and the bottom isn't in it yet, but here it is:

I plan to use it as a project bag. The bag took 5 skeins or so.

I also made another Chunky Brimmed Winter hat using the boucle and an L hook, since I misplaced my other hat and it's still chilly in the AM here (27 this AM)

2 skeins of the Lion Boucle and it could have been a tad smaller, but I don't care really-it serves it's purpose.

Not much else going on here-Spring Break for Elena and we're hanging today. Lots of laundry and other stuff to do and really a day of chilling out is what we need. I am working on the Shavasana Yoga Mat Bag for myself. I am using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton yarn and an I hook (two hook sizes smaller than required). I am not sure if the designer is a really tight crocheter or what yarn she used, but the other hook was way to big and honestly, I only had 4 rounds for the beginning versus the six and the bag fits fine so far. It's a pretty easy pattern (okay frogging it twice stunk for me, but I had to get it right and not too big) and I think I'll be pleased with the outcome. Who knows, maybe my yoga mat is smaller than the norm. Hopefully, I'll be done that in a day or so.


Jaye said...

Elena looks so adorable and the top fits her great! Sometimes its worth hanging onto things just a little bit longer ;)

Glad you had a nice low-key Easter. Holidays should be enjoyed, not dreaded.

Slick said...

That shirt thingy looks good on her!

A pretty easy meal? For who? That would've taken me all day to do and I still would've burned most everything.

What's an "FO"?

Vik said...

It´s nice to read how Elena enjoyed Easter Sunday!
I´m looking the Yoga Mat Bag you´re crocheting. Very pretty! I like the yogi on the handle!

Laura said...

What a pretty top! Great job! I got a bunch of that Boucle from the dollar store too, when I still loom knitted, and didn't yet know how to crochet, and it was fine for loom knitting, but when after I learned how to crochet, and tried to use it, I couldn't. I can't crochet with really fuzzy, textured yarn - too hard to see my stitches in it. I sold the rest of my stash on Ebay.

Happy belated Easter!

WilBlg4Yrn said...

Low Key holidays are the best.
She looks great in the top, she's growing up.
My pics have been blurry lately as well.

Mimi said...

Elena looks very pretty in her outfit!

gold said...

Very cute top and hat!!Great job!!

April said...

Oh the top fits her perfectly. She's too cute. Can't wait to see the yoga mat bag, it's a cute looking pattern. And your project bag is really darling. How large did it measure out in the end? I've been in a stash diving mood lately myself.

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