Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5th Year Anniversary

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Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the Iraq War. Nearly 4,000 US troops have been killed in this war. If you pray, please pray for our troops. If you aren't religious, take a minute out of your day to have a moment of silence.

5 years has gone by in this senseless war-hard to believe for me, but not for those with family members who are serving in Iraq and for those who have lost loved ones.


Linda said...

I agree, senseless and sad. I will pray and/or give those moments of silence (I often do).

WickedStitch said... deployment under our belt and another one coming up...and for what? some stupid, pathetic little man who wants to rule the world

vicki said...

i also have had family and friends sent to that pathetic country, here we spend billions of dollars, on a country who is oil rich, and do they help us not one bit, but the very worst of it all is that our men and women are dying and being maimed and tormented because of our governments desire to help the people of iraq, well good and fine but we helped is time for them to take charge and deal with their own problems this country has more than enough problems dealing with the state of this country, we have people losing their homes being almost forced into the streets ,yet the people who make the rules are more concerned with iraq and their people, very sad situation i think. god bless our troops lets bring them home,, its past time

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