Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Have I mentioned how much I love the newest Ravelry feature with the downloadable patterns? Sure I did, however they keep adding newer stuff to it. In the past 30 days, of the 7 patterns I have on there for free download, 103 have been downloaded through Ravelry. Kinda exciting (for me anyway). The most popular, the Bubbles Baby Blanket. I uploaded the Marvelous Fulled/Felted Mini tote a week ago, that's had 13 downloads since. Each pattern has a color coded block and Ravelry shows you the daily downloads by color and how many of each one. You can also check user activity and see who marked it as a fave, who is actually making it, who queued it, who added a photo, etc.

If you haven't used this feature, look into it-it's really interesting tracking your patterns and seeing what others have come up with.

What did we do before the site opened?


elaines630 said...

I came across the Bubbles Baby Blanket on crochet pattern central the other day actually! I have it saved for a friend who is expecting - I am really looking forward to making it!!

Mimi said...

Hope I get that many downloads and user activity...incidentally I've not been able to see my user activity for the past few days it said: Crappers. Okay - we're not perfect :p
But I was able to add some patterns to my pattern store. If you didn't know - you can add all your patterns, even the for sale ones.

vicki said...

i think thats awesome, i am still learning how to do this ravelry thing and i love that you can post patterns both your own you are sharing and the ones for sale great idea,. thanks for sharing with all of us

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