Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Know You Do the Ebay Stuff Too Much.....

Ebay-a weakness of mine, but also a bit of an addiction (is this possible?). I knew a few years ago it was a "problem" when my darling daughter, then about 4 years old, received a dollhouse for Christmas. She had it set up and they had a computer with a desk, etc and she had the mommy doll sitting there. My father asked Elena why all the dolls were where they were and why there was a lamp sitting next to the computer on the floor. She explained "It's mommy, she's listing it on ebay"-4 years old-everyone laughed, but I though "Sheesh, the kid is smart". Fast forward to yesterday, she's on Webkinz (her addiction)and she talks to herself when on Webkinz. She's babbling about getting rid of this and that. I ask her what she is doing and she answers "Cleaning up their rooms, they have too much stuff they don't need or use"-I smile thinking it's because of my "decluttering mode" and my getting rid of stuff we don't and won't use. Now, most I toss, but some have been listed on ebay, but not much. However, the smile stopped when I heard her say "I'm selling it all and buying new-do you know what I can get for this bed???"-damn kids, sponges I say!

Amy, the pattern worked out great, your counts were dead on. I snapped a pic pre-blocked, however it won't be blocked or anything. I left it on the floor to snap the pic and Elena decided to "help" me and vacuum-yes, she caught the corner of it before I could pick it up and yes, pulled part of it in the vac-yes, ruined it-4 balls (3 plus about 20 yards of the Patina-it's irreparable. I'll make another, but still, it took me so long because I wasn't spending much time doing anything "crafty". It's a cute pattern, I added two rows, did the multiples for the edging and it worked out well. I can send a pic of the preblocked item later.

For any of those interested and on Ravelry, five of my patterns: Bubbles Baby Blanky, Snuggly Scarf, Crochet Pedicure Socks, Crocheted Tape Measure Cozy and theChunky Brimmed Winter Chapeau/Hat are available for free pdf downloads there. You can find them here, click the pattern and it'll take you to the info page and the download is available there. Hopefully, I'll get a few more freebies on this week. Thanks to Naomi, the hat has been fully tested and the "tweak" I was wondering about was answered. She's sending me a pic later today and I will have it up tomorrow. The good news is you can use any novelty yarn with the WW for the Elena's Hat-so the pattern should be up by the weekend.

Not much else going on........

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naomi said...

Smart kid, she's learning early how to make some extra bucks :)

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