Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Ravelry Feature

Mimi let me know about a "new" (I don't know how new it really is, I just learned about it, so it's new to me)feature on Ravelry where you can set up a storefront type of thing for your original patterns. Right now it's set up for just free patterns, but I uploaded a few free patterns I had, converted them to pdf files (I use the free Primo PDF) and can't say enough good things about it. Anyway, you can also check and Ravelry keeps track of how many downloads of the free patterns have been done (through Statistics), another very cool feature. Soon (I don't know when, but if anyone does, gimme a holler) they'll be allowing you to sell pattern through them also with the download available on Ravelry (very cool indeed). I've been spending a lot more time on Ravelry lately, which is both good and bad.

My Spindolyn came in (beautiful), as did a top whorl drop spindle I picked up on Etsy. Now I have to get the fiber prep and drafting thing all figured out (you know how anal I can be about having everything all lined up in a row), but hopefully will get started on all that next week. I am still working on testing Amy's pattern. It's working out great, I just haven't had much craft time lately. I also added two additional rows and am now on the edging, then on to blocking. I did buy the Contact paper (thanks again to whoever left that awesome tip) to get my blocking board set up, so I have to get that covered and started, but it should be done by next week and I may post the FO (I believe, I'll have to recheck with Amy).

I also wanna make another spiral scrubbie-it seemed so silly, but the thing actually is great for washing dishes and I prefer it to a dishcloth and you just toss it in the washer. I need a few more now.

All for now.........hope everyone has a great weekend!


Linda said...

Now that is a great feature that I wasn't aware of. Ravelry just keeps getting better and better.

Mimi said...

Looking forward for the opening of the Ravelry store...I'll be checking everyday ;)

April said...

Now that's a cool feature of Ravelry that I didn't know about! Thanks for the heads up. I doubt I'll get much work done today, as I want to go play now!

Glad to know how the scrubbie works. I'm looking forward to making a few.

Can't wait to follow your spinning adventures! I think spinning is just so amazing. I think it will be very fulfilling for you.

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