Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Finally, a FO

Cannot get into any sort of groove since the holidays-however, I finally did finish a simple hat for myself. It's another one of Ele Shnier's patterns-Hipster Beret. It's a cross between a beret and a rasta tam.

This was done with Cascade Tweed (90% Peruvian Wool with 10% Donegal wool-those colored flecks) in the purple colorway.


Bron said...

That's really cute! Glad you're slowly making your way out of the crochet slumps. I predict lots of projects in your future. ;)

Vera H. said...

Very cute. I love the pattern and yarn. I've been making lots of hats lately, but haven't been up to blogging about it.

Sara said...

hah! Told you your mojo would come back! I can't seem to like anything I've tried this week. Lots of frogging at my house!

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