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Materials needed:

1 skein worsted weight yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice-3.5 ounce/170 yards) in Rose
1 skein Bernat Boa (or any novelty yarn)-5 grams-70 yards

*(Pictures of another hat tested by Naomi will be at the end of this pattern. She used Red Heart Super Saver, Joann Bedazzle yarn, which is a ribbon type ladder yarn and just switched to the L hook for the one row for the brim and then back to the K hook, for the smaller hat)

**The sizing notations are noted after round 31. To make the hat longer over the ears, just continue in even rounds after row 30 before beginning the rim.

K hook (6.5 mm)
L hook (8.0 mm)
Tapestry needle
Stitch Marker

This hat is done in the round, no seams or joining. On increase rounds (1-12) the 2 sc increase will be at the stitch marker-if it isn’t, your count is off.

Stitches used: slip stitch (sl st), chain (ch) single crochet (sc)
Gauge; 7 sc = 2”

Using K hook (6.5 mm)
Instructions: Ch 4 and sl st to first ch to form ring or use the Magic Adjustable Ring method.

Round 1-work 6 sc into ring

Round 2-2 sc into each sc around (12 sc) and place stitch marker in last sc.

Round 3-1 sc in first sc, 2 sc in next around ending with 2 sc in stitch where stitch marker is-place marker in this last stitch and the last stitch for each round hereafter.

Round 4 – 1 sc in first 2 sc and 2 sc in next, repeat around

Round 5 – 1 sc in first 3 sc and 2 sc in next, repeat around

Round 6- 1 sc in first 4 sc and 2 sc in next, repeat around

Round 7- 1 sc in first 5 sc and 2 sc in next, repeat around

Round 8-1 sc in first 6 sc and 2 sc in next, repeat around

Round 9-1 sc in first 7 sc and 2 sc in next, repeat around

Round 10-1 sc in first 8 sc and 2 sc in next, repeat around

Round 11-1 sc in first 9 sc and 2 sc in next, repeat around

Round 12-1 sc in first 10 sc and 2 sc in next, repeat around

The hat should measure 6” across here

Round 13-30-sc crochet around evenly and move marker up for each round.

Round 31-this forms the fold-SWITCH TO L HOOK (8MM) AND TURN WORK. Sc in each st around until first sc (don’t stitch here yet), join novelty yarn with WW yarn here and join to first sc with sl st and turn again, place marker here.

**From here on out, work in rounds, holding both boa and worsted yarn together using the L hook for an adult hat or child who has a lot of hair (measured 7” in diameter) OR switch back to the K hook for a small head or younger child (6” in diameter).

Rounds 32-39-sc in each stitch around and fo. (You can make the brim part smaller by doing less rounds).

Note: When you wear the hat, the rim stays up. Since I made this for an 8 year old, I did use ww yarn and stitched the rim from the inside in 5 places to keep it rolled up all the time. It’s not necessary, but I didn’t want it to flap down when she took it off.

Naomi’s version using Red Heart Super Saver and a Ribbon Ladder yarn (Joann BeDazzle)

This pattern and all its contents are ©copyrighted January 2008 to Deneen St Amour and may not be copied, reproduced in any way, or used for profit in any way. Pattern is for your personal use only. You may sell the finished item. Any questions, contact me at yarnsandmusings(at)
Note: Pattern stitch count changed on 1/31/08 at 3:30 PM

This is also available for free pdf download at Ravelry (for all members)


elaines630 said...

Very cute hat! I wish I had a niece to make cute stuff for! I have 2 nephews and unfortunately they aren't into cute hats like that!!

Great job!

Deneen said...

Thanks! I would be at a loss for what to make for boys.

Cindy said...

Deneen, that is such a great hat! Thanks for sharing.

Andy's Crafts said...

Another great pattern. Elena looks so pretty!

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