Friday, January 04, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

You know I haven't done anything crafty in going on two weeks now, however, Jaye shames me (not on purpose) with her spinning wheel adventures like a week after she gets the wheel. Yes, mine is still parked upstairs-for over a year now.

I wrote to Jaye-envious of her obvious talent for something I haven't even started yet. She suggested that perhaps I start with a drop spindle first and go from there. I HAD a drop spindle, which I gifted to Tina because she used to use one and I thought she would like it. I also didn't want to deal with shoulder issues from playing with it and honestly, the whole think kinda freaked me out. So, because Jaye and I have shoulder/neck/back issues I ask her about the spindle spinning and she tells me the place she bought the wheel suggested she start there and get a feel for the fiber. She two suggestions:
The Pleasant Support Spindle or the Spindolyn. She has the Spindolyn and said maybe the Pleasant would have been better. However, the Spindolyn has the video right there and looks easy as heck and the whole "support spindle" thing for the other has me confused, which I've been confused a lot lately, so it doesn't surprise me. About twice I year I get brain farts and this happens to be one of those times.

So help me out here peeps, here is the link for both. Anyone else have any experience in this off-shoot? I think I am leaning towards the Spindolyn only cause it says "while lounging on the couch"-


Jessica said...

You can make a spindle with two CDs and a dowel. Want me to mail you the instruction booklet?

Sara said...

to me, having the courage to spin your own fiber trumps my fo's :-)

Wendy said...

My shoulder killed me when I was using a drop spindle. Also, I was very unsatisfied with my spinning on a spindle and have learned that spinning on a wheel is different and a bit easier on your shoulder.

Perhaps it is just time to get the wheel out? If you keep putting it off, it will be 2009... ;)

Linda said...

Brain Fart! I like that!

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