Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sushi Roll Scarf 1

The first one is completed-this took so long because I only worked on it here and there for the past several days.

Pattern: Sushi Roll Scarf
Finished size: 74"
Hook: Bates I (5.5) bamboo handle
Yarn used: Papaya Caron Simply Soft 1/4 skein, Caron Simply Soft White a little over 5 ounces (I think-there's a little left), Unknown acrylic in black-scant amount, really old skool acrylic in my stash (the stuff my brother got at the flea market) in Spring Green, but perfect for avocado or wasabi-scant amount, Hunter Green Mainstays acrylic (I have no clue how this got in my stash, but it was there-1/4 skein maybe.

Great stash buster pattern. I had all the colors in my stash, but did order another skein of Caron Simply Soft in White (I had other white acrylic in my stash, but the gift is for sisters and I wanted them identical-plus the CSS is very soft around the neck). I picked the colors I did because I didn't like the gold for caviar (just a personal thing) and I went with colors I had because I kinda liked the papaya better then the rose/pink for the center because unrolled, I liked the color pattern better.

I plan to wrap them rolled up and see how it goes. They're for teens (one younger and one younger) and I hope they like them.


Mimi said...

Nice gift, clever design!

noricum said...


Ladyrunner said...

That is SO cool!! What a great idea!! It's going to make a great gift!

Slick said...

Is this my birthday present??

You're so thoughtful!! :)

Sheila said...

That sushi roll looks so

April said...

The thing I like about the scarf is how perfect it is for gift giving. I bet the girls will love it.

Bron said...

That is SO cute!

karakoolkitty said...

I used a pair of chop sticks to secure the rolled up scarf, popped it into the gift bag with tissue and sent it off. Fabulous idea!!

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