Thursday, December 13, 2007

Straight Hair Lesson

I always hated my hair, got it straightened in my early 20's and didn't know what to do with it.

Elena has "always dreamed of straight hair" (yes, in her whole almost 8 years). I decided to take her for a haircut to avoid the rush next week. Now, Elena hates having her hair played with, brushed out, blow dried, etc, you get the picture. Unfortunately, it's darn cold and rainy here today and I told her she had to have it dried tonight before we left the hair place. Elena's "hairdress", yes, she has her favorite, Misty, talked her into letting her dry it straight. Elena was thrilled, until the whole process of the brushing, flat iron and everything else came out. She then saw the results and, well, of course she looked different. She smiled at Misty and when Misty went back to get something out of the backroom, Elena mumbled, under her breath "Never again, I hate it". I'm glad because the whole straightening thing took forever and honestly, ended up costing more then my hair cut and eyebrow waxing-so, for posterity, I have taken pictures so the next time she tells me "I want hair like so and so", I can remind her.

You can compare her curly hair by looking at my avatar on this home page.

ETA: She was looking at herself in the mirror and can't stand how her hair looks ("Dream gone bad", I am told) and I had mentioned to her (I didn't rewash it tonight because I thought she would change her mind and she didn't) that I could use a curling iron on the top part to have the bangs back for tomorrow. She said "Can you use it all over?"-but she did tell herself in the mirro, "Bye-bye straight hair, you'll be gone tomorrow".)


Mimi said...

Its a very pretty hairdo, but she looks older with it. She looks so cute with her curly hair, but I think she'll try straight again when she grows up ;)

Kimberly said...

Straight or curly she is stil cute! I did the whole perm thing for years when growing up since my sisters had curly hair and I was jealous

Wendy said...

I bet that was a shocker for her! Madeleine has curly too, but I can brush it into a wavy hairdo. Madeleine told Tony the other day that she hated herself because she hated her hair. It shocked him. I guess we just have to encourage our kids that they have these natural wonders to them that are beautiful. Lots of girls would love to have Elena's hair. In fact, remember back to the 80's? Everyone got their hair permed. (even guys) It was the in thing!

Ladyrunner said...

Wow! She looks older with the straight hair. At least she got to have it straight once. Either way, I think she looks cute!

April said...

I can imagine that you're thrilled that she doesn't like straight hair on herself...imagine having to blow that out every morning? It would take you 4 hours to get her ready for school! She does look adorable though.

Like everyone else, I've always wanted curly hair and will always be envious of the two of you for that. The grass is always greener, isn't it?

StitchLuva and Yarn said...

she is adorable, straight or curly.

noricum said...

She sure looks different! It's amazing how straight they could get it with a flat iron. (My hair doesn't curl even with a curling iron.)

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

I'm like noricum--my hair will never hold a curl. But I agree she's cute any which way!

Bron said...

Just an aside: I hate the new blogger/google crap in Blogger. I can no longer post as "me" - the only account it will let me have is the Fiberfreaks one! Aaargh! I'm about ready to boycott all Blogger blogs. Sigh.

OK, now that I've got THAT off my chest, I'll try & post my comment again. ;)

Dylan had me straighten his hair chemically a few weeks ago. Kids at school had been urging him to do it. We didn't leave the solution on long enough so the curls were only about 25% tamed, but he liked them just a bit more relaxed. Since his hair is so long he can, in his words, "look like Bozo" very easily. ::grin:::

Deneen said...

I had my hair chemically straightened years ago and it actually burned my head along the hairline-never again.

I noticed Blogger has had some issues lately-feeds wrong, loss of 12 subscribers one day and then they were back another.

Just sign up for a gmail account and it should work out okay.

I thinks it's Google/Blogger trying to force use of gmail.

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