Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Daughter, the Poet

Elena........the child is precocious. She's really into writing and reading, has notebooks, journals and other slips of paper all over the house that she spends many hours writing stories, thoughts, ideas......she's smart, funny and sometimes I do forget she's 8 (well, almost, on Friday).

I was talking to her Enrichment teacher about how much she enjoys writing, reading and poetry (which surprises me because I'm not much into poetry, but hey). I also mentioned how, at the age she is at, she also loves the "Beans, Beans, Good for your Heart" type of poetry because let's face it; farting, burping, and other bodily functions are hilarious to an 8 year old. Please, if she tells me to say "Hi" to my knee one more time....., you get the picture.

One of the things Elena wrote about in school, during the Thanksgiving holiday was what she was thankful for in her family. Her main points were: Unconditional love (she asked the teacher what it mean when people loved you no matter what) that her family had and the second and third things she was thankful for: How funny her family was and how much we laugh at home.

Keeping this in mind, yesterday, while cleaning up in her playroom/TV room, on the tray in there I found this. next to an empty bag of mini-Pringles:

Yes, it's clickable

Both my husband and I have a pretty good sense of humor, one of the things that drew me to him when I first met him. Elena has a lot of my character traits, as well as her father's, but this is truly one she got from her dad.

I did neglect to mention, this is in reality a song lyric sung to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" (aging myself here, aren't I?)


Stacy said...

LMAO That's flippin' funny!

Sara said...

She's a hoot!

I think her straight hair was cute...but I like the curls better.

Jewels said...

Writing could be her future career, never know hey? It's cool that she likes journals and stuff.
Early happy birthday to her!!

naomi said...

You have one amazing little girl !

And the note has me giggling so hard, tea almost came out my nose :)

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Too funny! Yeah for kid poetry.

Priscilla said...

Sometimes it is so hard to remember they are just children.

Slick said...

Too funny!

All the Dad's fault, huh? Riiiight. She did everything but spell your name in her poem! :)

Wendy said...

I love kid's comedy! We make fart jokes here, too.

Terri Lynn said...


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