Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crunch Time

That's it-crunch time. I have done what I swore I would never do, have a several things to get finished crochet-wise for Christmas and it's my own damn fault.

I did do the "Handmade thing" this year-not primarily of course because let's face it, I can't make a Hannah Montana DS Game now can I? I also would have a hell of a time making a Webkinz and getting that precious and coveted code to work on the site (biggest scam since Beanie Babies and this takes it up a notch-renewal on the site after a year-wonder what it costs to renew?) I wish I had thought of it.

I have to get four hats done by Monday. It was 5, but one was needed for Saturday and it's finished. (No pic, I forgot again, like the one from the other day in Coal and it's already wrappped.) Not a big deal making the hats, but I keep getting sidetracked. I got off easy on the ghan-already announced it was in the process and wouldn't be done til January and was met with an "Okay, cool-that's okay"-whew, so now I just added hats to the pile. I promised Elena a hat and sushi scarf, but she's being forgiving too about when it's done.

I didn't bake a thing and am not-period. Pizzelles, maybe Monday, but honestly I doubt it-maybe after Christmas. No time and I just don't care-how's that?

The Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn came in, it's pretty, but very thin (twine like, as Jaye had stated) will need a teenier hook than normal or maybe learn to knit. Not any bounce, but I had read that too. Hope it's not scratchy, couple good soakings should help that. I won't know anything else til at least January or February cause I don't have time for sock til then.

I do have a dilemma. Elena goes online to Webkinz and Funny Games-the homepage on our computer is Comcast. Unfortunately, she reads the headline news now-yesterday I heard "Oooh, Denise lied-you were right mommy, it was a scam" and then the Jamie Lynn Spears story of "Hey, Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant and 16-isn't she still in school? Is she married? Oh that's right, you don't have to be married to have a baby. Hmmmm, how is she getting one? Babies R Us (yes I serious here)? Can you just make one somehow? Why are you shaking your head? You said it was a 'sad mistake', how is it a mistake? Can't you just apologize and take it back? You aren't going to tell me the whole thing now are you? I want to know how the baby is made, tell me. I know how it gets out, which is why I am never having a baby, imagine pushing something that big out of there, it must hurt, but how do you actually make it and get it in there?". I've explained the actual sperm/egg thing, but not how it gets where it has to get to-thank goodness it's the holiday season and maybe Elena will be distracted by it all and stop asking me for now until I can formulate an understandable answer to her question.

Thanks Jamie Lynn Spears-I am so grateful that you have created this uproar in my life. It's bad enough your sister is in the situation she is in, you didn't learn anything from it? You are a role model for pre-teens everywhere and now I am stuck explaining to an 8 year old why it's a sad situation and where babies come from. Yes, I read Nick already filmed next season's episodes of Zoey 101, so I don't have to fear you being pregnant while in prep school and explaining that, but still....16 years old and a role model to little girls everywhere. Wonder if Nick will renew her contract?

Okay, rant over, see how easily I am getting distracted?????


Tiffany said...

I want my computer back. It's been hijacked by two little girls who want every waking moment of theirs to be on Webkinz. It's a horrible conspiracy. I haven't heard so many excuses as to why they should have longer computer time in my life.

I mean, I have Ravelry to visit and Youtube to watch for my entertainment. ;)

I am so glad that my kids don't watch any of the Nick shows. I'm hoping that I can avoid that talk for a little bit longer.

naomi said...

OOO, I hope the holiday excitement will allow Elana to "forget". I don't have any kids, but I really feel for those of you that do. So many questions at such a young age, all thanks to the piss-poor role models that TV execs decide to give the kids.

On a positive note, glad you don't have to worry about the ghan until after the holidays.

Slick said...

Geeez, sounds like you better get them needles moving! :)

My daughters, who are both 8, have gone crazy with the Webkinz stuff. I'm with's crazy.

JLS coulda been a perfect role model....

Deneen said...

It's hooks, hooks! Not needles! I'm a hooker, not a poker! (LOL)

Wendy said...

Yikes, explaining the how of babymaking? I had to explain to Sierra once that boys had a penis and that ended up being a crazy story that I really wish never came up. They are just such curious creatures and want to see and know everything.

I have been lucky to avoid webkinz stuff. I have known about it for awhile, but haven't yet ventured there. Even barbie has a thing you can buy that is computer related and I have avoided that too.

April said...

Good fricken grief. I was wondering about people I know with kids and how this would get played out in their homes. I'm not surprised that the young ones would have so many questions. I think the whole situation is very sad. It's fitting that Mom put her book deal on hold. Kinda hard to write a Christian parenting book when your own family is falling apart. Now, not to be holider than thou as people do make mistakes, but I have to say I think it's a sad day when a Nickelodeon star gets knocked up and all the kids in the world are left with those burning questions.

Laura said...

I have an almost 10 year old daughter, the Webkinz are huge at her school. My daughter wanted this Webkinz puppy that's white with pink and red hearts. I looked it up online, not knowing that it's "retired", and found out that it's going for $150 on Ebay! I can imagine there are people who would pay that, considering how many people were willing to shell out $500-$1000 for a Hannah Montana concert ticket! My daughter likes that Zoey 101 show, but hasn't mentioned anything about Jamie Lynn being pregnant. When she asked about where babies come from a few years ago, I bought an age-appropriate book from Amazon, and read it to her. It came in helpful too when I had a miscarriage earlier this year, helped me explain it to her and her little brother.

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