Thursday, December 13, 2007

Aw Crap!

My fav knit socks that Wendy made for me last year. They're 100% merino she overdyed herself. Yeah, yeah I have heard the comparisons about 100% wool versus nylon mix, but still, they were cushy on-look, they had a cool pattern design of cabling and I loved em and now look???? I just noticed it this am. So bummed. I plan to darn them, but how. I have a sock darning egg thing (estate sale this summer). I don't care if I have yarn that doesn't match-I have some 100% undyed merino I can use, but how should I do this? One sock has the big holes and the other is starting. It's at the heel area, outer heel part. I don't knit (yet)and I guess darning doesn't involve knitting anyway-hints people, hints-I am not ready to toss these yet. (Yes, I know, they're almost a year old-however, I didn't wear them in the summer, so it shouldn't count)


noricum said...

To do a comfortable darn, you need to understand how knitting works. (I know I'm saying this a lot, but send them to me and I'll do it for you.)

Anonymous said...

When my mother darned sox it was more like a little woven patch. (she used the egg). i used to crochet a circle seperately & sew it on w/ appropriate yarn.

Deneen said...

Okay Tina (yes, I can tell by your postings-I think anyway) not a bad idea.

Andrea, I'm gonna try patching it up myself and see how badly I mess it up-but thanks for the offer.

Wendy said...

I think I have some more of that yarn. Even though it is over dyed, I over dyed the leftover yarn scraps.

I can patch them for you. Or heck...maybe I should just knit you a new pair.

I love that those were used enough to get holes in them! :) I haven't had that happen yet.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

You don't have to knit to darn--traditional darning is a form of weaving you make a warp first, then weave over under to patch the hole. E-mail me, and I can walk you through it.



Terri Lynn said...

If its on the toe, I recommend taking the toe out and rekniting the whole thing! With a nylon mix. Also you can purchase nylon "wooly" yarn for sergers on a cone that can be held with the yarn for strength!

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