Monday, November 26, 2007

Interweave Crochet Winter 2007 Shout Outs

Remember this bag I tested for Rachel back last September? Well guess what? The pattern is in the latest Interweave Crochet(Winter 2007) on sale December 11...I got it in today's mail. She told me about it a while ago, but it's been all hush, hush-her first pattern submission too! Congrats Rachel!

I also wanna make the sweater Pam Gillette designed, Fuchsia and Blues Jacket(scroll down), but can no way afford the yarn she used for the project (it's absolutely gorgeous, but at $23 a skein and I would need 8 skeins-I don't know (I did find a seller on eBay-$11.50 a skein, $4.75 shipping first skein and $1.00 extra for each skein thereafter-still too pricey). The yarn looks gorgeous, wonder what I could use as a substitute? Bulky weight....hmmmmm.....


Bron said...

Congrats to Rachel! That's awesome. :)

I'd like to make that jacket too. It looks like something I'd really wear. I like all the small projects in the magazine too. I'm into small these days....I have the project attention span of a gnat!

WickedStitchWitch said...

yaaay for Rachel...very exciting! I was also a pattern tester!

Hmm I am wondering where my Interweave Crochet Mag is... I subscribed...silly snail mail!

RR said...

I just looked at the Interweave site this morning (after weeks of stalking the website) and found that it was there! They didn't give you any 100% certainties that the pattern would be published so I was trying not to get my hopes up--but there it is!! I'm so excited! I've got to order a few copies! Thanks to everyone for the congratulatory comments and those who helped test!

Deneen said...

Rachel, they should send you a complimentary copy, for being published-they may have your old addy, contact them.

You will of course have to buy several copies to "share" with family!

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