Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hat Modeled

This is the hat from yesterday's post.

Amy asked to see it modeled, so:

I originally was making it for a pre-teen, but Elena saw it and, in a rare moment, declared it "her" hat-I think I crochet a bit tightly anyway and am trying it with a few different hook sizes today (the hat uses various hook sizes). Anyway, I also made an error (gasp) in the color-it's Blue Mint not turquoise.

Please note, the "extra hour of sleep" everyone talks about is not to be, it just means Elena woke up an hour earlier today-the pic was taken immediately this AM-so excuse the sleepy face.

Also, included is Elena dressed for Trick or Treating-she was a genie this year. Yeah, yeah, yeah, her outfit isn't straight, but it was 5 minutes til Trick or Treat time and she was in a frenzy!


Wendy said...

Elena is a great Genie! Totally cute!

Bron said...

A genie was a great idea - she looks adorable.

That's one thing I missed in having boys - cute girlie Halloween costumes!

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

It's so cute--I should make one for Selma, she would love it!

ladylinoleum said...

That child of yours is too adorable!!

Kenyetta said...

I love that hat! Elena looks so cute!

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