Friday, October 19, 2007

Still Here

I'm working (still) on the Noro shawl and having doubts-not the pattern or anything, but finished size may be smaller than what I prefer for a shawl. I'm on the last skein and well, a little more than halfway through row count-I have to measure because the gauge was bigger because of change in yarn/hook-I'm just having second thoughts. It would be fine if I had another skein, but I don't-so.......maybe an Adina in the Noro-the colors would be awesome. Frogging will be a pain, but not too bad, I didn't weave ends as I went and since I had to rewind the yarn anyway (musta been an odd batch-matching dyelots, but knots attaching colors throughout skeins and two half skeins, which matched, but weren't put together in another)

Frogged and I'll try the Adina with it. I still have some Mystical Creations yarn I had set aside for a shawl (1,200 yards),

as well as a different lot that's 600 yards-maybe I'll use that. It frogged super easily and April, the little bits of hay and stuff, once you wind it once and then frog, it all comes out on it's own (ha!)

I'm also currently writing up a review of Doris Chan's "Everyday Crochet" for Random House to post here-they emailed me the beginning of the week (which I thought was pretty cool, but hey, it's the little things in life) and asked about it and I agreed. I have to get some images together and stuff, but hopefully it'll be finished by next week. Just because Random House asked me, doesn't me I'll be biased, you know that-I'll post my true thoughts on it. I like most of the patterns in the book, so it'll be easy ;).

No Foodie Friday post either.....I'll start back up in the next few weeks. Summertime the cooking lightens up and winter I try to do the comfort foods and hope to work on some new recipes and try some recipes out in the coming weeks.


Linda said...

I bought both Doris Chan books the other day. So many of you were showing gorgeous things in them that I just couldn't control myself. I'm so sorry the Noro didn't work out, but the yarn in the picture is drop dead gorgeous.

April said...

I'm feeling really disappointed that you frogged your shawl, though I must admit I'm not at all surprised. I thought 3 skeins was an awfully small amount, I think Noro is what--100m per skein? Bummer, I really wanted to see this. I'm working on a Noro handbag between Christmas gifts that I'll finish probably after Christmas. I think I may have to get some more to make that shawl. What do you think for a nice large one---5 skeins? 6 maybe?

The Adina--will you felt it? I'm curious to see if Noro has any drape to it at all, or if it's stiff. It will be interesting for sure. Is this for you, who does not like wool against your skin?

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