Sunday, October 07, 2007


Remember the other day I mentioned using the Elann Esprit and Cascade Fixation for the pedicure socks? Maybe I didn't mention using the stretch yarn specifically, but that's what I did. Theoretically it sounded good, however I found using the stretchy yarn gave me the same effect as the flip flop socks-when I wore them (okay, tried the one on with a flip flop and walked around the house wearing it), it slide around and moved down-the elasticity was not a good idea-like with the flip flop socks, Lustersheen was used, which has no give-and like with the pedicure socks, using the worsted weight yarn and a smaller hook, it made it tight and snug-not uncomfortable, but it didn't roll or budge-I haven't tried fingering weight yet for it, but again, it would have to be done tightly. So making lemonade out of lemons, I just frogged the shell edging around the foot bed part and kept crocheting and made it into a regular sock-saving the project, but now requiring me to make the mate-second sock syndrome has set it and since I had notes written on scraps of paper all over because I did the length longer, should have made the cuff tighter (fixed that with some decreased edging around the cuff) and decided I had to get it done because next week, the notes would look like jibberish to me-

Here's the saved sock:

I did pick up some Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sport yarn and may try the pedi socks in that, but I think for now, I'll stick with the worsted yarn-it worked, I'll make the ankle part longer and leave it at that!


Jewels said...

They look good D! I know the jibberish thing, I have 2 patterns scribbled like that now and haven't had the patience to decipher them yet.

*Jaye* said...

Looks good, Deneen!

I know the feeling about the notes being jibberish and all. I keep a notebook handy for this reason and try to write everything down in one place and then rewrite it all as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, "as quickly as possible" sometimes never comes and then I'm looking at a language completely foreign to me!

Hope you're able to figure it out!

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