Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WIP Wednesday

I have nothing to crafty report-I worked yesterday, had Back to School Night last night, catching up on laundry from the trip, etc. Hopefully today I'll hook a little.

I figured out the Bloglines thing-kinda-apparently they merged two feeds into one (which I tried to do for months, but couldn't), so everyone is still subscribed, they added the 63 to the other feed-hence the posting of 200 back posts some complained about. I've noticed they've been posting a bunch of others back posts and assume it's part of the Bloglines Beta thing they are doing, which would explain some of the "plumber" issues lately.

Kari, I mailed your book out yesterday, so you should have it in a few days. The book was good, not usually the type I read (the whole romance-y type thing isn't my preferred reading), but it is a quick read and I'll read the series just because.

It's chilly this AM, but supposed to hit 88 this Saturday, so I'll keep the shorts out. Elena was invited to a pool party on Sunday (possibly, depending on what Mother Nature decides the temp to be), so my weekend plans all changed on a dime-

I have work to do around here today, lots of it-I need to just move, leave everything behind and start over-would make it so much easier (LOL).

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Coolies Can't wait!

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