Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WIP Wednesday

After I finished making Mimi's bag, I had a bunch of rayon/viscose thread left, a ball of Dazzle, which only had 82 yards and an idea. Inspired by Mimi's bag, but basically completely changed, I present the Bohemian Bag:

This used up almost the entire ball of Dazzle. It's a bit shorter then the other, wider, all done with a smaller hook. I used a piece of plastic canvas cut to size to hold the shaping on the bottom.

I frogged the sandal socks when I realized I was doing rows instead of rounds-teaches me to start something in the car while driving (I was a passenger-I thought I'd clear that part up).

I will restart the sandal socks today (the skein had knots in it anyway and I'll rewind it up and see how that goes). I plan to also make a few pair of socks for the Ravelry CAL-Laurie Wheeler's from CPAD 2007, In Your Shoes done in Fixation, maybe even a pair from the "Crocheted Socks" book I bought ages ago. Yeah, big talk when I haven't even started yet and have a ghan held over my head (LOL). I plan to start the ghan in a couple weeks, when the weather cools a bit. About the ghan-I picked out the PERFECT colors-clueless how much to buy. Figured 40 ounces was enough. Well, I asked my husband what he thought-mistake number one-he has no clue WTH I am talking about, but is nodding about 40 ounces as I babbled in AC Moore. I get home, received an email from someone I asked about their ghan, I needed 4 more skeins. Now, it's one of each color and I was insistent I use the same yarn brand, not mixing any brands or anything. I then forced Elena (and believe me, it was forced) into the car for another ride to AC Moore, third in 4 days. She was not happy and neither was I. Mike thought I was insane-the yarn was no dye lot and it would be there, don't worry-ha-famous last words. I would never start anything knowing I was short and not having it. I get to AC Moore, get to the aisle and the one color-the main color I wanted to pull it all together-sold out. Elena sees a look cross my face and she starts looking around for other colors. I tell her, "no, same yarn brand Elena, no"-there are boxes in the aisle waiting to be unpacked, I dig through them-nothing. The girl working the department tells me "Guess we're out-stop by tomorrow, maybe a truck will come in" (I love these customer service people, I really do). I buy the other three skeins and walk out of AC Moore in a tizzy (it's PMS time too peeps and you know how nutso that makes ya anyway). Elena suggests-Michaels, then Wal-Mart and then Joann. I think the nutso has worn off on the wee one. Anyway, we hit Michaels and Elena runs to the yarn and actually reads the labels and finds the yarn-two skeins left in the "honey"-one mangy as heck, but I only needed one-Elena cheers and the day is saved. That chewed up two hours I'll never get back again! But all is well, I have all the yarn I need, one heavy ghan too-12 skeins. I chose Red Heart Soft Yarn in these colors:

Not done in that order, but I am too lazy to rearrange them. Toast, leaf, honey and chocolate. The honey has a buttery gold color to it-it's not beigy like shown there and the most important color I needed to go with my brother's decor. I can't wait to get started on it.

The cami is now gone. I played with it for a day, til it felt like my head was gonna explode. Took it apart, had two sides only and redid it-hated it. Took it apart again, frogged one whole side and then a light came on and I figured it out. I frogged the other side in frustration and put it aside for another day, like maybe next year.


Vera H. said...

So cute!

WilBlg4Yrn said...

I love the colors.
I hate when you have to run around looking for the yarn you need.
Watch out for aunt flo this go round she is being a big ole b*tch

noricum said...

Those colours will make a great ghan! Cute bag. :) I love the colours and stripes!

April said...

The bag is gorgeous! Good job. Very boho-chic indeed. The ghan colors are great, too. My fave colors, nice and autumny.

StitchLuva and Yarn said...

i love this bag. good luck with the ghan.

naomi said...

The bag looks great.

Love the colors you chose for the gahn, can't wait to see it. Glad you found the yarn too, it's so frustrating when that happens.

Mimi said...

Love your Bohemian my favorite color!

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