Friday, September 07, 2007

Sock It To Me

Part of the Ravelry Recipe for SOCK-cess CAL-

Cascade Fixation Effects-Hyacinth (love the colorway)
Pattern: In Your Shoes Socks
Hook-F (although I wish I had a Bates E for this, prefer the smaller hook personally). I only have a Clover E hook and just don't like the hooky head on it.

I love using this yarn-because of my freakishly thin feet (not width wise mind you, but from top to bottom) according to Andrea, this yarn worked out well for me. I couldn't find it at the LYS when we were on vacation and the LYS store kinda near me doesn't carry it either-I gotta get me some more. This batch came from eBay-lets see how the socks turn out this round.

The afterthought heel section looks a bit big, hopefully it'll work out correctly once I start the rounds-I tend to make the heel a bit big most times and it's been a long time since I made this particular pattern. ETA: It worked out perfectly!

BTW, for those wondering-Elena thinks school is FABULOUS! Loves, adores, is enthralled with her teacher (she is way cool) and loves her class too-she's walking on air, even proclaimed that second grade would be the BEST GRADE EVER!. I also received her mandated Terranova scores from last May-and I quote (yes, I am bragging, but I am so proud of her)-"Comparing your daughter to the national peer group, she did better than 99% of other students nationwide in Reading; better than 98% in language; better than 99% in mathematics; better than 99% in her total score". I recall she missed two questions in the language part-didn't get them wrong, but was rushing to be the first one done and completely missed the question! She told her father last night, as well as someone I was on the phone with "That's as high as you can go-that's it, I'm there baby"-so excuse me being all excited, I knew the kid was smart and I'm proud of her!


noricum said...

You know that the Elann Esprit yarn is the same stuff, right?

Deneen said...

You know I bought a couple balls of the Esprit off someone on Ravelry and then bought two more in a different color, but haven't compared it yet. I plan to make the "tennis socks" in the Crocheted Socks Book using the two solid colors and see how I like it.

Mimi said...

Lovely socks!
Congrats on Elena's scores...not only she looks and talks smart, she got high I.Q.

Tracie said...

Love the socks!

And your daughter...she's way beyond precious! I'm glad she's excited about it all.

Andy's Crafts said...

Deneen the socks came out great , wonderful job!

Linda said...

Cool socks!
It's wonderful to hear that Elena is so excited about school and learning. She's the type of student teachers dream of having in class. BTW, you have every right to brag about those grades. She did an outstanding job!

Pam said... freakishly thin feet... I'm rolling!!

April said...

Congratulations Elena on the fantastic test scores! You should be one proud mama and you should brag lots and lots!

The socks are great. I'm supposed to make a pair this summer, but keep putting it off! Yours look teriffic.

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