Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Enabling

Marlena is having a Stash Sale and all the proceeds are going to the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk. Payments can be made to her directly through Paypal or as a donation to her Memory Walk page, which she has linked on her site.

She has some terrific yarns-listed at at least 1/2 the suggested price at Yarndex. And yes, I did buy some.


Sheila said...

Thanks... I stopped by and put in a request for the Artful hanks... I hope I'm not too late.

Deneen said...

She got back to me very quickly today-I got the Shepherd Sport and the 3 hanks of Artful Yarns Jazz for myself. Yes, alpaca bothers me, but I am hoping if I make myself a bolero with it, it'll be okay-if not, someone will use it. I couldn't pass up the sale!

Megan said...

ooh, enabler! Those are some fabulous deals

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