Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blog Contest Swag!

I won a blog contest a few weeks ago from The Secrets of Yarn. I had a choice of prizes and chose Laurie's Secrets of Yarn Project Guide.

This is a great, double sided laminated guide to which explains fibers their memory, drape, what they're best used for etc. The other side lists compositions of fibers and fiber blends-awesome thing to keep in my project book.

She also has a free form crochet club and other goodies for those of us who have a love for all things fiber.

I mentioned to Laurie that I planned to make her "Crochet Socks, Looks Knit, Feels Great" Socks from the 2007 CPAD. She also included, as a surprise, a copy of the pattern all ready for my binder-I'm working on them now and thank you so much for this!

Cool goodies today-thanks Laurie!

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