Thursday, August 16, 2007

Swap Idea

I posted the other day about making items and then never wearing or using them, but having the desire to make them. Naomi commented how her husband asks her why she does this all the time too. Then, while talking to Bron on the phone a few weeks ago, she mentioned how she had a bunch of sweaters that she knew would never be worn, but yet she keeps making them. Wouldn't it be kind of neat (or maybe not) if we all posted items we had made (like clothing, bags, etc) or maybe had a swap with the items? I'm not sure of the logistics of it all (shipping, etc), but I may give it some thought. Swap, trade or send it to someone who might want it (they pay shipping costs)-hmmmm, food for thought. I know I have an unlined Fat Bottom Bag, Slouchy Purse, Sunny Set Tote I made, not including bunches of other stuff I "had" to make and know I will never use them. Heck even clothing for Elena, a gorgeous tank top (note the date, 2 years ago and how young my baby looks there) with matching bolero done in Cotton Ease she has no intention of wearing, the Sweet sweater she deemed "too warm", the Peasant top that came out beautifully and yet doesn't want to wear it.

Any thoughts on this?

ETA: After this post, I showed E the pic of her wearing the tank top, etc and she doesn't say much, but when I get to her room, she asks where it is-I pull it and the peasant top out of her closet and she insists on trying them on-they still fit her fine and she wants to wear the tank today. Wendy, I am giving her a few days to mull over the peasant top and if she finally says she doesn't want it, will send it your way.


Wendy said...

I am interested in the Peasant top. That is really cute and is Sierra's size.

Mimi said...

Those clothes you made for Elena, she might want it some other time, but then she probably have outgrown it by that time :p Oh well...but those pics of her modeling it is great for your gallery of projects. I know I have some old pics yet to be shown in my blog of my son wearing a crocheted piece I made, which I'll be so glad to show off even if he wore it only once or twice ;)

Marvie said...

I think it's a great idea! Though, I don't think I have anything to participate with. I do use most of what I have made, and what I don't use is too awful to give to someone else.

BUT, if this were something that we did on some sort of regular basis (yearly or whatever) I'd be more likely to make some of the things I've had on the WIM list. There's lots of stuff I've *wanted* to make, but didn't know how it'd look on me and since I don't have a lot of people in my life to give those things to, I just never bother. If I had a way to potentially get rid of those sorts of things, to folks who would wear/use them, I'd be much more likely to make 'em.

April said...

The swap sounds like a great idea!

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

That's a fantastic idea!! I think you should go for it!! I found your blog on Crazy Hip Mama Blogs!! I love it!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

naomi said...

That sounds like a great idea !

Andy's Crafts said...

The swap is not a bad idea if the person pays for shipping. The you can swap Garments for yarn !!!

*Jaye* said...

Swapping sounds like a good idea and it could work. Heck, it worked for destash (that's what it was called, right?) so why not this?

Elena was so, so young looking in those earlier pics. Amazing how quickly they change and we don't really notice, isn't it?

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