Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On My Hook

That Floral Cami is driving me crazy-still wonky in the pits and what I plan to do now is frog the straps and arm area, redo the seaming, but leave more of a "V" gap at the underarm area and retry. I have plenty of the CE I used for this left, so hopefully it'll work out. Be ashame to go through all this and not wear it, but I can't wear it this way and it's annoying me to no end!

Also working on a "secret" thing which can't be shown and it's taking up all my time with the crocheting lately, hence the Floral Cami is still sitting there.

I also joined the CAL for Socks on Ravelry starting 9/01. I have to find some sock yarn I bought specifically for certain patterns and am clueless to where I put it (you know when you put it somewhere because you'll remember it's there-ugh).

I also picked up some Incredible on clearance at Michaels the other day to make a surprise for my mom. It's something she picked out from the Doris Chan book, something I never would have made for myself in a million years-motifs and all that-we shall see how that goes.

I still have to make a few 12" squares for Priscilla for the Fiber Freaks ghan we're all doing and donating to Blankets for the Gulf. Surprisingly (or maybe not), I've never done a 12" square or many squares before due to my unexplained fear of grannies. Any clues to a basic 12" square?


C.A. said...

"wonky in the pits". OMG. I have to incorporate this into my conversation today.




Mimi said...

I am the same way about squares :p
I just went to CPC and picked one to make...I also just added a few rows when my square did not make it to 12"

Jaye said...

The Butterfly square is one of my faves - super easy and quick and looks nice, too: http://www.geocities.com/cdjsimon/butterfly_garden.html

The Mandala square is another one that I like a lot as well and is also quick, easy and very nice looking: http://www.geocities.com/cdjsimon/mandala.html

And finally, another of Chris Simon's squares - Draco: http://www.geocities.com/cdjsimon/draco.html

Good luck on the cami & hope one of these might help you out!

Deneen said...

Thanks Jaye-I will try one of them.

The cami is annoying me just because-I want it done right-never mind that Imay not use it!

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