Friday, July 27, 2007

Yarn Swap Goodies and other fun mail!

Today I had a GI appointment (went fine, no earth shattering news) and got home to a box full of mail.

First off, my Fiber and Frappe swap package from Fiber Freaks came in! Theresa was my secret swap partner and she sent me:

Two balls of mercerized cotton crochet thread (on my wish list) in Scarlett, a sheep tape measure, some Chai tea, some awesome smelling coffee from her local coffee house and a bead kit for Elena (of course, Elena was so excited I got a package from a "friend", she insisted I open it immediately, in case there was something for her. I told her there wasn't, but I was wrong and Elena won't let me forget it!). The past month she has received gifts in the mail from three "friends" and now she expects it-oy!.

Ironically, the color the thread is beautiful and a color I haven't seen around here and my Elann order came in today (the Brilla) and if you look, the red I picked out for the longer Abydos top is the same color as the thread Theresa sent me! Also shown is the Chic neutrals I picked out for the shorter version. I better figure out the ch/sc part fast! The Brilla feels so nice, I can't wait to start playing.

I also received a pattern I won on eBay:

Fiber Trends 216-Felted rug and basket pattern. I bought some Lamb's Pride Bulky in Kiwi from someone on Ravelry and then she listed some Victorian Pink also, so I plan to make one or the other using this pattern.

Also, as a fan of Paperback Swap, lately I've been buying the Lemony Snicket Hardback books for Elena (up to book 5) and I have an ongoing wish list, although am low on the list for lots. Finally, the "Knitting In Plain English" book came up. I used the "crocheting in Plain English" book to teach myself to crochet years ago and got the knitting book from the library to check it out and decided I wanted it, but never got around to buying it-I am so excited (don't know why, but I am) about getting this book.

I love the way she writes and still pull out the crochet book for reference a lot.

I've also been working on a crochet design using fingering weight yarn and am excited about the progress. Here's a sneak peek:

All for now, Mike is cooking dinner and he's calling me in!


Mandi said...

Nice haul with all the loot! I really like the yarn in your sneak tease!

Madelyn said...

Boy Deneen, this is an active blog. I got a lot of reading to catch up on. I wish I had more time to just blog and read blogs.

What a nice swap package. And that's very nice of Mike to make dinner.

Looking forward to seeing what your project.

Andy's Crafts said...

Very Nice Pattern. I love swaps, and coming home to boxes full of goodies.

Linda said...

The design in fingering weight is beautiful.
I have the Knitting in Plain English. I use it a lot more than any of the other help books that I have.

Sheila said...

Great stuff... very pretty yarn... only a sneak peak... not

Sheryl said...

Goodies in the mail are so much fun! I love the fingering weight sneak peek. I am really enjoying working with smaller yarn lately.

April said...

Ooh I can't wait to see what your design is. The swatch looks gorgeous!

Nice loot, too!

busy91 said...

It is always fun to get that type of mail. Good for you for working with fw yarn. I'm not that brave.

Sedie said...

Isn't is just the best to get goodies in the mail instead of those bills? Have Fun!!!!

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