Friday, July 20, 2007

Tunic (er tank) Completed

I finished it up this AM, but plan to frog the arm round and redo it because one side has a slight buckle/ruffle that's driving me crazy.

Pattern: LB Tunic

Modifications: I made this into a tank instead of a tunic length and opted to leave the pockets off. This came out to be about 13 1/4" long, from the armpit down. See Notes below.

Yarn used: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, Cherry Red (old stash). Amount used was 2 full skeins and a bit of another.

Hook Size-I hook

Size-this is the L, 40" bust.

Notes: To make it shorter, I did the following:

Followed pattern stitch (rows 1, 2 and 3) and then rows 2 and 3 for a total of 10 rows-ending in row 2.

1st decrease row: Did this row (row 11) and then even in pattern (rows 12-18) ending with row 2.

Next Row section (2nd decrease) repeat row 11 (this is row 19) and then even row 20-22 (ending in row 2)

Shape armholes as directed.


Rebecca said...

oooo - i like!
very very cute.
i have got to start making things for myself every once in a while. i know i crochet all the time, and yet... nothing to show for it.
hmmmmm, i think i'm being ripped off!

Bron said...

That is really cute! Do you like it?

Deneen said...

I wish I had made it a bit longer, but it's okay to wear over a black tank with black shorts. I'm redoing the right side arm part now, but I would probably make it again, try a different WW yarn for it. The pattern was error free, which was nice.

Tracie said... that is really cute! I really like how it turned out. I may have to try the pattern, but I think I'd keep with the tunic because my body nearly requires it.

Alexis said...

So cute! I'm going to make one soon. :) I want to make it *almost* the full length, but not quite, since the full length would probably be more like a dress on me as I'm a bit vertically challenged. ;D

Think Lily Sugar 'N Cream would work OK for it?

Deneen said...

Yes, I think Sugar N Cream would work, but check your gauge!

Alexis said...

Hey, where did this come out shorter than it was supposed to? At the top somewhere? I want to try to avoid pattern confusion, and I know Lion's patterns don't always come out the way they're supposed to.

I want this to fit me, darnit. ;)

Mandi said...

I like your version a lot better. It's nice and simple, not too busy. The pockets just don't do anything for me.

Deneen said...

This starts at the bottom, so I made mine shorter by only doing the first section for 5" versus the 10" they had, etc. You work from the bottom up and the mods I made are just a slight tapering in at the upper part of the waist. You could make this just like they said for the same length. The pattern had no errors in it at all, except my measurement across the top only came out to 7" before the strap rounds-the diagram on the site had it wider-however my gauge was dead on and when it was done, it fit perfectly.

April said...

Oh it's super cute! I think it came out great! It's funny how a change from a pastel yellow to a nice cherry red gives it a totally different flavor! I can't wait to make one for me. I'm thinking of sticking with tunic length, but not sure. If I could figure out how to modify the back to add a hood....ahh. I'd be in heaven. I'd probably look like a dork though.

KnitXcorE said...

wow! it's bright! i love it!

Jewels said...

It looks great!!

Sheila said...

The tank looks good and comfy... I love working up tanks from the bottom up.

Ms Knits said...

Love it! So does my daughter (Mom, it's awesome. Can you make me one?).

Madelyn said...

I like the shorter version better. It looks cute on you.

*J* said...

This is really cute. I think the shorter version is much more flattering - very nice.

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