Monday, July 09, 2007

Rockin' Girl Bloggers

Kari has tagged me as a:

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and I thank her and hereby nominate the following as "Rockin Girl Bloggers"

Sheila at "Sheilz Crochetz, Threadz & Knitz" She completely and utterly rocks with her winged patterns that always seem to fit perfectly (yup, I am jealous)

Su at "Su Loves Pink"-another terrific person I was lucky enough to meet online.

Mimi, at Crochet and Other Stuff, always so upbeat-I imagine her smiling as she posts.

Wendy, Earthwhisper Fiber Arts cause she rocks and that's final!

Last, but not least, Maddie of Hooks, Sticks and Wheels-another Jersey girl like me, how can she not rock?

If you were awarded, please post the button on your blog and pick 5 bloggers who rock!


Pink said...

Wow!! Thank just made my day...again! My noms will be up in the morning :)

Mimi said...

Thanks Deneen, I didn't think I was included as I began to read your post. You think I rock...that's cool!

Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

Great picks! I totally agree they rock~ :)

Wendy said...


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