Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Elenaisms-Part III

Elena has decided to use some of the summer to prepare for second grade and learn "as much as she can, so she's at the top of her game". She's enrolled in a summer program at her school (the school system here so rocks-we moved her for it and am so glad she loves it). They have a "camp" program from 8:30 to 12:30 four days a week for three weeks-this includes Math Games, Reading Program, gym games and computer lab-all this for $20 for the entire time. I did sign her up for an all day long "real" camp-next month, am regretting it now because she won't know anyone, long day for her with swimming, theater, sports, etc. She will be tired and cranky-my girl needs her down time. Freaking cost a fortune too and is a haul driving her to and from every day-live and learn.

Anyway, back to Elenaisms-she pulls out a bunch of workbooks-huge pile and decides to plow through them. After a few minutes, she asks me "Can your brain really explode from too much knowledge?". I tell her "No". She thinks about this for a while and then asks "Where does it all go then? Oh, I know, my head will just get bigger and bigger as my brain grows-hmmm, not sure I want a huge head.". I explained her head would not get bigger, her brain has the capacity to hold lots of information. "Does information leave when you learn something new?" is the next question. I tell her not to worry, but I can tell it's on her mind (so to speak).

Yesterday, she rolled her eyes at the water bottle holder I made her-today, it was the first thing she grabbed and put on-go figure.

I picked up the hook for a bigger project and an working on Amy O'Neill Houck's "Bamboozled" Shrug for myself. I am not using Bamboo, but using TLC Cotton Plus cause I have it here! The pattern was in the Crochet Pattern a Day 2007 calendar (January 1), but is also available at Amy's Lulu shop here. I have to tell you, the pic in the calendar does not do the stitch pattern justice-it's so nice and I'm excited get it done.

Onto rants and other stuff, is it any wonder I have such trouble with Catholicism? Those 4 years of Catholic school, brainwashing I tell ya.

Ooh, P-Diddy is available again-hold me back! Charley Sheen got engaged-oooh, shocking.

Other then that, I think I posted so much yesterday, I've worn you all out. Have a terrific day!


Sharon said...

Deneen, I am a practicing Catholic, but that thing on CNN burned my butt. Just wanted to let you know not all Catholics agree with everything the Pope says or does. It's no wonder people hate us.

Stacy said...

See why I'm so torn lately? I definitely don't agree with that. I don't know why the idea of officially leaving the Catholic Church scares me so.

Plus, that Pope's kinda scary lookin', but shh, cause I don't wanna go to hell.

Otherwise, P Diddy? Seriously? I can't tell if you're pulling our legs, lol.

Mimi said...

Sounds like fun in Elena's summer program...Good question about our brains exploding from too much info :p I have read somewhere that most of us use only a tiny percent of our brain capacity...
Btw, my family all grew up and studied in a catholic school, but we don't observe all catholic practices.

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