Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bigs Thanks and Another Chicken

First off, super dooper big thanks to Su! Today, we arrived home from seeing Order of the Phoenix (great movie BTW) and there was a few goodies in the mail:

Knit socks! Perfect fit too! Love em! I can't express how much I love the handmade socks.

Washcloth-too pretty to use, but I will ;)

Elena got some pressies too-even wrapped em, which made them oh so perfect in her eyes. She adored the beads, caught me eyeing some of the larger ones and shooed me away! She loved the troll pencil also and sharpened it immediately for use.

Bron also sent me a terrific little package:

The Secret, a book I wanted to read, as well as a cool knitting book-thanks so much for thinking of me.

Finally, I finished the second chicken for the hotpad set:

All in all, a pretty productive and surprise filled day!


Karen said...

Deneen, you are the luckiest :) I wish I had some knitted socks. Are we on a roll with the potholders are what?! I just completed my second one and contemplating doing a third.

Mimi said...

Lovely socks and dishcloth!
The pair of potholders are too cute!

Pink said...

Wow..that got there so quickly, I thought maybe MOnday you'd get the socks. gLad they fit and you like ' all ya need is cool weather, eh?

Pearlin said...

Lovely stuff you've got!! I love love the chicken potholdhers........too cute for words!

Bron said...

Yay! For good days. :)

*J* said...

Nice loot! I really love the socks (need to dig my lonely UFO out and give some thought to finishing it - oh ha, ha! riiiiight!) and the chicken potholders are seriously cute :0)

Jewels said...

You lucky dog. Now for sure you can't be "chicken" about knitting with that book.
What nice socks you got too.

Sheila said...

Awesome mail surprises and agree that the dishcloth is too pretty to

Tiffany said...

Not you too! I'm doomed to have a kitchen full of chickens!!! ;)

I started my first one while in Montana. It's blue. :) As soon as I get my site updated (Changing hosts - not too happy about running out of bandwidth), I"ll post photos. :)

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