Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Senseo Update and Stuff

For those who were hinky about the Senseo I posted about yesterday, it took several weeks for them to send me the "approval" email and they said it would take up to 4 weeks for me to receive it-well that was yesterday and this AM I got the DHL shipping info/tracking stuff in my inbox. I know I paid $15 for shipping for it, but the DHL package weighed 9 lbs, so that covered it.

I am working on the Sunny Set-finished the strap and working on the Granny square for the top-so maybe it'll be done by tomorrow, if I can get to it sometime today. I plan to line the bag-why I torture myself like this I don't know. It'll have to be more of a box I make to line it, but I picked up the cutest lime green and hot pink frog fabric to give it a go. Yes, I still have to line Mimi's bag, as well as my swap tote, but I'll do it all at once this time-cross your fingers for me.


jess said...

I got a free Senseo the last time they did this -- I set it up at work and a couple of people here got one too. It is actually pretty cool to use periodically!

Linda said...

My nerves get all shaky just thinking about lining three bags at once. LOL I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Pink said...

You can do it, Deneen! Measure twice, cut once, pin and sew...oh, and don't forget to breath.

Kimberly said...

Ugh! Lining! That really is the reason I avoid bags! I detest sewing....I'm actually not bad at it, I just don't like it. Perhaps I'll make a few bags and send them to my Mama to sew up for me. Um, yeah, that would work since she pulls her machine out once every decade...and I wonder where I get it from?

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