Saturday, June 02, 2007

Quick Question

Has anyone had trouble commenting or viewing the blog since I added the Meez babe? I am asking cause a friend said she's been having problems with viewing/commenting and not just on my blog, but others and the only thing we all have the same and have added is Meez?

Now, if you are having trouble, I don't expect you to comment here or anything, cause, well, you can't-email me and let me know. yarnsandmusings(at)

I know I had trouble when I used the desktop when people had music playing on their blog and recently, using the new laptop, I couldn't view someone's blogger blog who had some sort of music thing on it (I see he has now taken it off, I mentioned it to him, so maybe others did too).

So let me know and if it's a problem, I will take my Meez babe down-


Andy's Crafts said...

I have not had problems as you can tell.

Crochet Goddess said...

No problems viewing or leaving a comment. I hope you find out what's going on. Have a great weekend.

Kel said...

No trouble here.

jess said...

no probs here either, obviously! :)

Will Blog for Yarn said...

no problems here or reported to my site either

Kimberly said...

nope, no problems and my computer is one that does not like funny things - it does not even like the new blogger that much and craps out on me all the time

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