Thursday, June 07, 2007

CPAD Calendar 2008

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The Table of Contents is up on their site now (warning: pdf file), so if you sent them a pattern and aren't sure if they used it (when you submit the pattern, you hold the rights, but you sign the release with the submission-so they don't necessarily contact you if they used it)-check it out. I have three patterns in the calendar this year:

April 5th and April 6th- Links of Color Wrap
August 21 and August 22-Girl-About-Town Felted Bag
December 29th-Spiral Tape Measure Cozy

The tape measure cozy is a free pattern up on my blog now. The other two I did at least a year ago-both were tested (so don't worry).

Bron has a pattern this year and Mimi has three also. Anyone else out here?

The Crochet Pattern A Day Calendar for 2008 will be available at on September 1st and they're taking pre-orders now.

I don't know when contributors will get theirs, but last year they came around the beginning of October, if I recall correctly.

They're taking submissions for 2009 now until 12/15/2007 for both the knitting one and the crochet one. And no, I haven't written any patterns since the cozy, so I guess I should get cracking.


Megan said...

Congrats on the patterns, Deneen!

Kel said...

Congrats on 3 patterns!!

Thanks for the info on next calendars submission!

noricum said...

It would have been nice had they listed the designers in the table of contents. Congrats!

Allena said...

ARUGH blogger ate my comment.
i just wanted to say congrats and say i have 2 patterns in the CPAD calendar. the G-Square purse is in may 2 days and then the LTC scarf in June.

Cindy said...

Congreats on the patterns. I didn't submit anything this year.

Now a comment about a different post. I never find anything at Kohls. I'm glad you did. I personally love skirts. Like them better than pants or shorts.


Jewels said...

OMG, so exciting...I see they accepted my crochet pattern and also my knitting pattern!!!!!
Congrats on yours Deneen :)

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