Wednesday, May 02, 2007

WIP Wednesday (and pics for Stacy)

Stacy wrote to me and asked me what the back of the Seafoam Vest was like-so I took pictures. This is one of the whines I have about pattern books/mags/online patterns-a lot of them don't show the back of the item, etc. Yes, it is sometimes nice to see that part too! Anyway, here you go:

Front lying flat


Up close of back/shoulder area.

WIP's-well, I did start the Exchange bag from the SnB Happy Hooker Book using the Omega I asked Jess to pick up for me at least last year, maybe longer. I'm not far enough into it to give a verdict-I will say the Omega sure frogs easily (LOL). I may make a different bag with it-can't decide. I found the errata sheet and the correction that's made, well it doesn't work out for me. You need 12 dc shells around and then the next instructions say to sc in the bl of each dc-well there is a sc between each shell and I skipped them to have 84 stitches (which is what the original count had)-12 x 7 = 84. Well the correction says 96 stitches, which would mean to sc in the bl of the sc also-but that's not in the errata-I am trying the 84 stitch count now, the 96 didn't work out at the end. Sigh.....

I should wind some yarn today-I want to wind the Dance I bought the other day and make another Adina from the silk. I want to wind some wool to make an On-The-Go bag from Interweave (no, I don't have the same yarn it calls for-I am improvising). I also may try Drew's Slouchy Purse using some Peace Fleece. I also want to make the Versatile Wrap Top (with the button in the front) for myself but, alpaca is out and I am trying to figure out a substitution for it-Wendy, do you think the Patina you sent me will work out for this? It uses a bigger hook and I am a bit stumped on this. The Patina is a bit thicker then the alpaca and I wonder if the drape would be the same. Ach-anyway,

Those are the plans-I should wind the yarn, but am lazy today and don't feel much like getting the swift down, the winder down, setting up the tables to set them up on, etc. Yes, my dining room table is a ceramic tile with wood trim-too thick to attach the winder or swift to, so I had to get special tables for it.

I also plan on, but doubt if I will today, go through the stuff that came with the wheel-put all the fiber in a tote (still sitting out in bags) with some cedar blocks (and there's a lot), as well as put the accessories (lazy kate, etc)into another tote to just neaten it up. I should wind the yarn on the bobbins (from the previous owner) up too. They're singles and there is 4 or 5 of em half full. I should do it, but I don't know.

I don't have the volunteer thing today because they have NOVA testing all week, however, I did volunteer to meet up with them at the County Park on Friday, which is part of their class trip. They're seeing a Junie B. Jones play in the AM, but I bowed out of that and it's a good thing, the John Deere broke down on Sunday and they have to pick it up some time on Friday AM. They are so busy that it'll take 2 1/2 weeks to get back-Mike will use the push mower and quite honestly, it's a tough job with all the open property and will take several nights and then it's time to start again-

Well, I should get back to the laundry and camping packing for Elena. Somehow I tossed the directions to camp, as well as the packing list for items needed and I hope I have everything. It's only overnight, but man there's a lot of stuff I have topack.


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Looks like it is going to be nice. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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