Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Slouchy Purse-Finished

I started this a week or two ago and did the actual crocheted button/closure loop and it pulled through the stitches. It was me and no patience. Today, sick of looking at it in a bag next to my chair (yes, I have issues with any WIP's, as you all know), I decided to add a ready-made-button and tighten up the closure and re-slouch the bag. It worked out okay.

Pattern: Slouchy Purse-Interweave Crochet Spring 2007

Yarn used: Peace Fleece-Violet Vyehchyeerom (deep violet/blue heather). 2 skeins (each skein was 200 yards/4 ounces) and I had about 2 ounces left. It's a nice blue/purple color. 70% wool/30% mohair.

Modifications: As noted above. I also went down a hook size to a Clover G 4.5 mm-I started with the 5 mm and figured since it was a bag, gauge wouldn't matter, but it was coming out too big, so I checked gauge and yes, I was off.

I still haven't unloaded the yarn from the Element. It's not unloading the yarn, it's where to put the unloaded yarn for now. The back of the Element has tinted windows, but I should move it-I just don't know where the heck to put it. I am thinking "Ripple-Along" here-something for my brother, but I should see what colors are in there (LOL).

Still cannot figure out what to crochet next. I'm holding off on the knitting til Pain Management on Friday-crap, I wanna play, but have no direction right now.

Oh, the GI called, my one test (the small bowel follow through-not the camera) is scheduled for Tuesday AM. I decided to go into work tomorrow-I need the distraction.


naomi said...

I love the purse ! I was planning on making it, but I can't seem to find my Interweave Crochet mag :(
Something is telling me that it got tossed accidentially with some newspaper.
Take it easy at work tomorrow, we don't want you back in the hospital any time soon.

jess said...

Cute bag! That really is cool. :)

Glad to hear you're out of the hospital!

[BTW, PYHO MNPA is peace fleece (well, I think technically translated it's peace wool) in Russian. So the letters you see are Cyrillic, not Latin. I think that colorway is galooboy blue.]

Deneen said...

Yes Jess, I thought about it after I posted it. Of course, the Cyrillic lettering couldn't be done here. I checked the colorway and it's Violet Vyehchyeerom. When I bought it I checked and couldn't find it-they only list dye lots, no color name.

Crochet Goddess said...

I hope you are feeling better. Did you ever start knitting? My classes are going great and I plan to take another set maybe in mid June. I posted a picture of my first knitted scarf.

Wendy said...

That bag is cute! I like your clasp idea. I love the peace fleece color.

Lauren said...

Love the bag, love the color. It looks great!

When I can't focus on crochet anymore, I'll dive into a good (or not so good but fun) book. Sometimes another world to dip my head into is all of the distraction my brain needs. Hope you're feeling better soon.

April said...

The bag came out great. I really love the closure you used, it's cute for that bag. I finally got my mag and am in need of a new bag, so that's on my to-do list.

Glad you are feeling better but please take it easy at work. "No work for 2 weeks" doesn't sit well with you, does it? Just take it easy.

gold said...

I like it.You did a great job.We all have project we start and put to the side.But we always come back to it.

Sheila said...

Cool bag.

Tracie said...

I'm a little late in commenting, I know. But hey, I didn't know you when this post was

Anyway, I love the bag. I've wanted to make one, and was going to, until I found a cute purse in a store that I liked, so now I've put this on the back burner of projects to do. Yours looks great, though.

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