Thursday, May 17, 2007

Quickie Post

I ended up working at the law office all day (see Kathy, I told you it would happen-he called about an hour after you did and left a message) and time isn't on my side lately as far as free time goes. Next week's schedule has stepped up a notch too-ugh.

Anyhow, the poetry reading went well. It was set up with some clear Christmas lights, some cappuccino scented candles and we snapped and murmured "cool, cool" after each reading. Elena did great, although she later told me she was very, very nervous, but knew it "had to be done".

I did get the dye off my skin (although I noticed the nails are still tinted a pinkish/red color)-using Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap-only took one scrubbing with it too. I resort to using that when I am out of my handmade soap. The Bon-Ami did okay for getting it off the counter, but not so well on my hands. Apricot oil didn't do a good job either. I've done the nail polish remover before, but it tore my hands up and alcohol didn't work last time either. And yes, as soon as I walked into the classroom one of the kids asked me "Why are your hands all red like that?"-so see, it was noticeable.

I still haven't untangled the mess of yarn yet, it should be dry now,but I haven't checked it.

My pool supplies came in a few minutes ago-of course rain is scheduled for this weekend and it's about 70 today (cooler then it has been) and will be through the weekend. Never fails.

Gotta run, the bus should be coming any minute now.


Stacy said...

Love the poetry reading! What a cute idea!

April said...

The way the poetry reading was set up is so cute.

Glad your hands are clean!

So do you make lye based soaps or glycerin?

KnitXcorE said...

I dyed my croq poy last week. i dunno how im going to get that crap off.

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